Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not A Real Big Deal

* Glaser (REAL CEO) shakes hands w/ Gates (You know what company he works for)

As reported by Reuters:

Digital media company RealNetworks Inc on Monday said it would launch a free, Web-based version of its Rhapsody digital music subscription service.

Marketing Rhapsody as both a Web service and a desktop service is part of a larger shift for RealNetworks, which recently reached a settlement in its antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corp..

RealNetworks had sued its long-time rival, claiming Microsoft's decision to bundle its own media player within its Windows operating system hurt sales of the RealNetworks player.

Under the settlement, RealNetworks got $460 million upfront, while another $301 million was earmarked to promote the Rhapsody service on Microsoft's MSN Web site.

The new Rhapsody.com service, announced Monday, enables consumers to use Rhapsody without first downloading a PC jukebox application, and for the first time makes Rhapsody available to Apple Computer Inc's Mac users and Linux users.

Umm ... is anyone impressed? Isn't this essentially just the same as iTunes Radio? They mention it as a free service like they were planning to charge for it!

Why doesn't Apple make a big deal about Quicktime for the same reasons? Oh I forgot, Apple isn't arguing with Microsoft over anything anymore ... just poking fun at Microsoft at expos occasionally ...

* Photo courtesy of MacMinute / 2004

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