Friday, December 23, 2005

More Garbage From The Garage

From an anonymous email sent to me today ...

Hi [FYT],

Wow, this Palmer guy is outrageous. Now he's claiming that his iPod nano PDF was downloaded over 100,000 times in 1 week. That is a total lie... it's not possible. His site doesn't even get the traffic to warrant it.

Someone needs to stop this guy with the lies and deceptions.

Here is the press release being referred to:

If my figures are right:

It takes roughly a month to see that 100,000 people have downloaded ANYTHING from versiontracker (one of the most hit download sites on the mac web)... Bill Palmer is relating his downloads to the levels of Stuffit Expander!

iPodLounge (now iLounge) has been offering their iPod guides for over a year now... and their traffic is somewhere between 15 to 19 million page views a month. iPod Garage barely pushes more than 600,000 unique page viewers a month.

Just remember ... this is the guy who claimed he pioneered transferring songs from your computer to your iPod!

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