Tuesday, December 27, 2005

MACSUPPORT.CA : The CA Stands For "Can't Do Apple"

The CA in macsupport.ca = CAN'T DO APPLE

MacBytes, a popular Apple News aggregator, has been posting news bytes from a new website called macsupport.ca

First ...They have a website called macsupport that doesn't support the safari browser ... ironic?


Then they post things as if they were new news, or news they broke:

An almost TOTAL copy & paste of an article APPLE POSTED ON APPLE.COM

Why is Bytes posting stories from these guys?

And somehow ... in all of this ...

They seem to be related to Bill Palmer (which further reduces the site's credibility):

Bill Palmer December 16, 5:07 AM EDT from iPodGarage:

Thanks to the following additional sites who have linked to the NANOBOOK: 2 Guys a Mac and a Website, akappleug.org, iPodGarden, MacMiner, Macread, Macsupport.ca, PHParch.com, weinstein.org. Still more surely to come.

[UPDATE] Reader emails indicate that I should also note that macsupport.ca uses Apple copyrighted images and designs on their website:

I was going to note personally that the name macsupport most likely violates Apple's naming policy as well.

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Anonymous said...

"They seem to be related to Bill Palmer (which further reduces the site's credibility)"

Macsupport has no relation to Bill Palmer.