Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's bad on eBay ... but the worst in the Apple Category

I've reported here several times about bad problems on eBay concerning phishing emails and apple category scams ...

The Apple category ... particularly for PowerBooks and iPods is especially dicey.

Here is a recent phishing email I received ... that, if you aren't an expert at catching ... would be easy to fall for.

And here is a recent story from Slashdot that I find very poignant:

Law enforcement agencies are becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned at the high amount of fraud on eBay. Reports indicate that it can take two months for eBay to pass details to fraud investigators, and that even for companies with a 'special relationship' with eBay it can take 5 days for fraudulent auctions to be shut down. From the article: 'With all the amount of profits that eBay makes, then there is ample scope for additional staff. Frankly, it is totally unsatisfactory.'

I have reported several fraudulent auctions ... especially for scalping tickets to a local college game ... eBay did nothing. However, I tried to sell a legal copy of Office for Macs that was a demo I had never used ... it got shut down within a few hours of the listing.

I do believe ebay is woefully understaffed ... 20/20 recently did a fluff piece about the founder of eBay, Jeff Skoll ... it showed how much money he donates to charitable causes ... while eBay remains understaffed ... contributing to the ripoff of millions.

I sell on eBay and depend on it for a significant amount of my income ...

I would like to alert readers that I do NOT advertise eBay scam sites here nor do I advise on eBay auctions ... because of my reporting on various eBay issues here at JackWhispers I get a significant amount email concerning the topics I discuss ...

[My power is expected to be out until Wednesday ... I will try my best to continue to make updates]

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