Tuesday, December 06, 2005

iOps Gets The iOpportunity To Be Sued By Apple

As reported by ENgadget:

Apple taking IOPS to court over knockoff iPod minis

We were all kind of wondering how long it was gonna take Apple to make the first legal move against all those crazy Asian iPod knockers off, but it looks like the card most consistently at the top of that deck — Luxpro — dodged the bullet on the first real lawsuit, and a little less expected firm, IOPS, is the one getting hauled to court. Apparently, Apple’s bringing them in over the Jock (right) and Z3 models, which, granted bear some resemblance to the iPod mini. Apple ... demands IOPS stop selling the two players, get compensated for lost sales, and for IOPS to take out an official apology in three (or more) South Korean newspapers.

What most outlets that just regurgitated this story from ENgadget didn't report was that this player had the same guts as a Mini ... this was the real reason Apple was suing.

Another fake being distributed in Turkey ... why isn't Apple suing these guys? Or Luxpro; as the ENgadget article mentioned and I have mentioned here before.

Followup articles:

They Should Have Just called It The iRuffle

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