Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Headlines Should Read

A recent NEWS.COM headline reads:

Some PowerBook Customers Unhappy With New Screens

The headline should read: Some CNet Readers Unhappy with News Stories by CNet

First of all, the story is late to press and apparently the author didn't read this site or the many forums where this topic was being discussed.

Jackwhispers discussed the issue that is the subject of this NEWS.COM article three weeks ago ...

It's a matter of a Colorsync profile setting and an optical illusion ...

In the previous mention of this topic, I floated these reasons for news outlets reporting stories like this:

1) Competition putting these ideas into hypochondriacs heads (IE, iPod Nano scratches, iPod Battery issues)

2) Disgruntled employees or contractors (those fired over leaks)

3) The person(s) behind the reseller lawsuit (Elite Computer, Macadam)

4) The EFF or Think Secret attorneys trying to divert Apple's attention away from their lawsuit to buy more time

5) *legit reason* - more wierd whiney people are buying Macs

6) Media outlets just creating these stories because they know how Mac Users drive up hit totals

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