Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Are The AA's Suing Any A's? Are The RIAA & MPAA Suing Apple Users Too?

Thematically related to my last two posts ...

I wonder ... are any of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) cases against file sharers using Macs?

It came to me as I read a story yesterday on Slashdot about an Ohio man getting sued by Paramount Studios. He is claiming innocence because he has a wireless network and that he was the victim of " a driveby downloader ".

I think the very reason Apple has succeeded in iPod sales, Video sales, and has a MUCH GREATER percentage of using buying legal licensed software ... is because:

A) Apple users on the whole (as I have observed) are more honest

B) Apple users are (as a greater percentage than Windows) content creators; thereby respecting license, copyright, and patent

C) Diehard Apple Users respect that Apple pursues it's designs, copyrights, and patents with a hard gavel and therefore sympathize with RIAA and MPAA claims

D) Apple Computers may possibly be somewhat immune to snooping from the RIAA and MPAA that monitor filesharing networks.

Now don't get me wrong ... I think the tactics and the excessive litigation that the RIAA (in particular) pursue is nothing short of unconstitutional. I also deplore that the RIAA is generally behind the behind closed doors effort to raise iTunes Music Store song prices.

In that regard, I believe Steve Jobs accurately pointed out ...

"We're trying to compete with piracy ... We're trying to pull people away from piracy and say, 'You can buy these songs legally for a fair price'. ... "If the price goes up people will go back to piracy," ... "Then everybody loses."

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