Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Applause Sign Is Blinking

Jackwhispers gets a bum wrap as being a critical, whiney site ... so to counter those arguments ... occasionally I let you know about unique Apple products or services that really deserve a round of applause.

Previously, I mentioned iPodBaby (baby clothes that have iPod like buttons on them), PodBrix (Custom Lego Creations that depict famous moments and people in Apple history), Griffin RadioShark (USB AM FM Tuner for Macs), and Centerstage (a free open source media center application that inspired Apple to create Front Row)

Today, on UberReview ... I saw one of the most unique implementations of a mouse I think I have ever seen ... it just says ... why didn't Apple do this? ... all over it!

It is a blutooth mouse that fits into the PC Card Slot ... it also charges there! 15" & 17" PowerBooks are currently the only Apple laptops that have PC Card Slots - the 12" PowerBook and the iBook line axe the slot for space and feature separation reasons.

Still ... this is just downright genius ... take a look!

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