Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This Isn't That Small Of A Site Anymore & This Isn't As Big Of A World As You Think

This website has grown in many ways over the last year. One of the most important ways is by readers that consider themselves "friends" of the site" ...

One of my most frequent commenters, who claims to have been turned on to Macs because of my exposure of Jack Campbell is BLOGDOG. His claim is that Mac Users are a community that looks out for each other and shares knowledge and creativity freely.

Thank you BLOGDOG.

BLOGDOG (who's real identity I cannot share) emails me regularly concerning stories. BLOGDOG isn't unique in this aspect though. I find this website to be more of a true blog ... iterating my truest most personal thoughts ... therefore, many more people tend to interact with me directly through instant message or email than choose to comment here.

BLOGDOG wrote to me today with this email message:


You may find this page (screenshot below) at a website called MacMerc interesting and ironic ...

Here is an associated thread where the author continues with a story that he thinks he "reported first" ... I read this same opinion and analysis on your site 10 days ago ... within literally minutes of the news coming out about the suit against Apple from Lugz.


This message is on EVERY Fix Your Thinking page:

"All Fix Your Thinking content is editorial & educational. © CopyLeft Fix Your Thinking 2005
Free 2 quote & free 2 use - just mention if you use the news"

To readers . . .

Thank you for pointing this out to me ... if you see another site lifting a unique opinion from this website please let me know so I can expose them here.

What makes me most angry about this "theft" is that it made it into several Mac news aggregators ... some that refuse to publish stories from this site due to "controversial content" or exposure of their sponsors ... such as Macbytes because I expose Bill Palmer's shenanigans on a regular basis.

Here is the original story:

Lugz Think Their Thugs Look The Same As Apple's

And here is a followup story I did the next day that has a very interesting twist on the whole Lugz story:

Another Day, Another iPod Scam: About iPodMyPhoto / Should Lugz Also Sue

In some ways I see this as a lesson to MacMerc ... about how easy it is to miss something that they think is small and have a similar idea ... MacMerc is claiming in the forum to have never visited this site (until now). So ... who says Apple or Chiat Day ever saw the Lugz ad? I certainly had never heard of Lugz shoes ... much less seen the ad.

[UPDATE] This morning I returned to the forum to find several things have changed:

1) My username, password, and IP address are no longer valid on the website

2) My comments in the forum that merely linked to my content and stated I had reported on it 11 days ago ... have been removed

3) There is STILL no mention of my pointing this out or giving this site credit for pointing it out sooner.

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