Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Movie Reviews: The Quick & The Dead / Shattered Glass

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I am a movie buff ... I have always thought it interesting that Hollywood often features Macs in a lot of the movies set in the modern era. I also always find it telling of how good a director is, by the subtle elements hidden in the scenery of the movie.

So, from time to time - I will post two movies that feature famous "apple or jack" keywords, actors, and imagery and/or themes that relate to the content on this website.

Today's movies are: The Quick & The Dead and Shattered Glass:

Shattered Glass ... the true story of Stephen Glass who worked for the nationally respected political magazine The New Republic who made up almost all of his stories (that were suppose to be true) that he had published. Great character study of a narcissist and pathological liar.

The Quick & The Dead ... The only movie, my dad (a western junkie) says " ...beats The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly". Great cast ... detailed direction ... and classic scene where Gene Hackman peels an apple highlight this movie.

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Middle-agedman said...

For anyone that has not seen either of these movies, rent them NOW!! If you are wandering up and down the aisle of your local video store, these will not jump out at you but they are really, really good movies.

"Shattered Glass" stars Christian Hayden of Star Wars fame. He does a great job playing a nerdy yet compelling young writer that chooses to write 60 Minutes kind of stories for the New Republic. He chooses to embellish or entirely fabricate these stories and bit by bit he sinks deeper and deeper into the hole he digs for himself. It is an intelligent, well-written film with a stellar cast. Very, very good.

"Quick and the Dead" is a movie directed by Sam Raimi. For those of you that are fans of the Sam Raimi genre (The Evil Dead Trilogy, Darkman, Spiderman, etc) this movie is to westerns what Evil Dead was to horror movies. Great casting, wonderful, quirky camera work, and a great story. When the movie first came out and featured Sharon Stone, I didn't want to see it because it had Sharon Stone in it and figured it was a gimmick piece. Its not. Being a fan of Sam Raimi's other movies, I forced myself to get it and have never regretted it. It is very true to the genre and has stellar performances not only of (suprisingly)Sharon Stone, but also with Gene Hackman, Leonardo Dicaprio, and a younger Russell Crowe. This is the kind of movie that you can watch over and over and not get sick of.

I like this feature--keep 'em coming!!