Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I've Got Two Other Four Letter Words For The Kids At SmashMYiPod.com: WASH & SOAP

Stills taken from the video

I was appalled when I saw the video of several kids causing a disruption in the Apple Store over at smashmyipod.com.

Not only was it disruptive, but they curse in the video ... not once, not twice, but multiple times. It's not just small, funny talk either. It covers all the bases of four letter foul language.

These kids need a thorough dose of military school and their mouths washed out with soap; if you ask me!

Further, the kids lie to the Sony Store Rep, lie in front of customers at the Apple Store (after they were kicked out) - which means not only were they trespassing, but they were breaking the law by providing false statements.

QUOTE from Ben Simpson (apparent ringleader):

"Since our iPod was a piece of crap and fell apart, we're going to go to talk to our friends at the Sony Store to see if we can replace this piece of S**T with a better MP3 player"

Synopsis: Several kids (Apple haters) start a website called SMASHMYIPOD.COM to raise money to buy an iPod and smash it INSIDE an Apple Retail Store. After opening an iPod in an Apple Store, a kid drops it on the floor and starts to jump up and down on it. The manager asks the kids to leave. They return (after taking a hammer to the iPod) and say they dropped it on the subway and that the iPod warranty should cover it. They also explain to a Sony store rep (in the same mall) that they "need a better MP3 player, that doesn't suck"

This wasn't in the least bit funny. I really wish Apple would make an example out of them and press charges against them.

They top this grotesque behaviour off with this transition:

By the way, the question has been posed: "Who gave them the money?"

My answer is "Probably exactly!"

Photo courtesy of ENgadget

I wouldn't be surprised if they received money from Sim Wong Who, the Creative CEO who has recently been decimated in market share against the iPod; while declaring war on Apple almost a year ago.

To first time buyers who may have been in the store - this may have been a deal breaker.

* I do want to add that the sales person who sold the iPod to the kids was a VERY poor presenter, lacking knowledge of the product and its warranty coverage. It was disappointing (and atypical) to witness to this Apple Store sale.


Sexualbeastage11 said...

im going to demoralize you twice, you fanboy of apple, go suck on steve jobs apples.

P.S. You Suck

FYT said...

Apparently, Ben Simpson ... I left this comment but removed the other harassing idiotic comments he left on other posts.

Anonymous said...

Those kids absolutely need to get their heads checked. An extreme case of iPod envy perhaps?

Middle-agedman said...

This "social experiment" was indeed just that. Rather than treating its audience to "reactions" from iPod "fanboys", however, it showed us the depravity of certain Canadian teenagers that clearly don't have enough to do. Their bad language, their arrogance, their clear disregard for their fellow man, and their blatant breaking of multiple laws with this website and their activities are very telling of the moral and social decay they have let creep into their lives.

Why not set someone's house on fire and film what happens if you know they can get out and have insurance? Now there's some social experimentation and entertainment that's never been done before. Surely its not hurting anyone if their goods are replaced and their lives are not taken.

Absurd? Of course, but think of the parallels. These delinquents think that no one was harmed with their "prank" and that the fact that they have received a measure of support from people writing in and donating to their activity means that the votes are in and its all ok. People involved in various types of hate crimes and lynchings are cheered on and supported by both individuals and groups but that doesn't make their activities any less criminal. What are their crimes in this case? They are several and include:

Filming in a retail store, something that is specifically forbidden, probably in this case by a sign outside of the store.

Engaging in violent activity that had to alarm and cause fear in those around them.

Tape-recording an audio conversation and broadcasting it without permission.

Implying (whether in jest or not) that the iPod broke easily and that they had heard such before purchase.

They made libelous comments about the iPod while in the Sony store, to say nothing of the outright lies (dropped it in the subway)that they represented as being true.

Publishing email addresses on their website and inciting people to contact their detractors--this is blatant encouragement for spam email.

If Apple and/or the Apple Store that they invaded were so inclined, they would have every right and reason to pursue several avenues of litigation against these juvenile delinquents.

There is (even they admit this)no purpose for any of this to have happened. This is like a gang of thugs beating up an innocent person simply for their own amusement. These morons are no more than internet thugs and are showcases for the kind of life that has no purpose.

Congratulations on your "social experiment"; you showed all of us what you are all about. When you grow up, perhaps you'll see your actions for exactly what they are: pointless, inconsiderate, depraved, and criminal.

FYT said...

[UPDATE] I had to delete 7 comments total from Sexualbeastage11 and a BenSimpson! - they were meaningless, pointless, and in other aspects; just flames.

Why didn't I leave them? Mainly because they were foul and disgusting in nature.

I received an interesting email last night concerning this issue that i think is worth addressing:

"Dear Jack,

What do you think about coming down on these kids using the Apple naming policy that you have shown us in past posts on your BLOG?"

That would be a real gray area in this particular case. For the same reason that Paypal has been unable to get an injunction against paypalsucks.com - would be the most likely reason. Eventhough Apple has rights to the name iPod, they may not have legal standing, due to parody or satire; in this case. While I find no humor or satire in this criminal behaviour, I'm not so sure a judge wouldn't.

I think Apple DOES have a legal standing for trespassing. They were kicked out of the store and then returned - they also tried to falsify warranty coverage. They possibly could be prosecuted for slander and libel.

For the most part, after reading through the fan mail and hate mail sections at smashmyipod.com - it seems made up or from friends. But, I would imagine some kids think this is funny.

There were "good ways" to do this.

Film it!

Buy it, adding no drama about warranty concerns.

Take it home.

Smash it. Run over it. Have a famous pitcher - pitch it!

Instead, these thugs caused a scene in an Apple store, libelled and slandered themselves within the mall they purchased it from (by going to the Sony store) and then returning to the Apple Store of purchase to try to get warranty coverage (in jest).

My real issue with this was just the punk gang nature in which it was handled - cursing, stomping on it in the Apple store, and the stupidity and ignorance of private property!

Anonymous said...

Sorry jack but your belief of a perfect civilization where women dont mate, and you can just poof out clones wont work in our current society.

Just because you dislike swearing, and believe children have nothing better to do, has nothing to do with the fact that you, and yourself can not handle a simple joke, and or prank done because they chose to dislike a product that was simpley engaulfed into the populatiry because of its easy to use, and its funciontality, they were not jelous, because people donated them to have the money, so they could easily, have made a fake, and smashed it for the public and kept the real one. So why would you blame our societies problems on 1 child and a prank, and swearing? what is that with you, you ass. Its common social language between a majority of the population, i do not know where you live, but you shouldnt bash people because of the language they use, and just because you use a mac to do your meaningless video editing and thats it, it wont help you in society's actual place, because we all except peoples own unique views, maybe you want to be the epitome of society, but i dislike you. P.S get back to work.

FYT said...

The response indicates:

1) My points here must have merit
2) Your education level is Gumpish

I'll explain both: Your education level is shown by the vocabulary and grammar you use to communicate.

Your intelligence is shown in this video by your ignorance of the law, disrespect for private property.

As I said, this went beyond a prank, there was a way to pull this off and not look like a moron.

Your "crew" was nothing short of a lynch mob.

And yes you're right, I am on a different level than you.

Anonymous said...

If that WAS the real Ben Simpson (from this charade) ...

His education level is that of a 5th grader.

No punctuation, words not fitting together ... it's easy to see why they pause in mid thought/ mid sentence and use expletives as nouns and verbs - the vocabulary of this bunch is limited.

Anonymous said...

rant rant rant rant rant rant rant. Rant rant rant, rant, rant rant rant ; rant rant rant. rant rant "rant rant rant." Rant rant rant says ben simpson. rant rant rant rant rant rant.

Theres your correct grammar. Bitch.
First of all, I ( Capital I's for you. grammar nazi. )could care less what you think, and that private property was bought by them to do what they want, they can damage/ do whatever they want with it. They did not harm thier floor, which i doubt would make or break thier sales. They were jsut doing what they want, and they used their property to do what they want.

Anonymous said...

Riiiight ... Apple Stores aren't private property ... riiiight!

FYT said...

I think there is a god gifted reason Ben Simpson's initials are B.S.