Wednesday, November 16, 2005

iPodder Becomes Fodder For Apple Legal

As reported by The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

Apple Legal forces iPodder name change

We've mentioned iPodder several times before, but now it is evidently illegal to call them iPodder anymore. Okay, not really. But, Apple legal has again put their shoulder into someone's back and made them change their name. The new name for iPodder is Juice Receiver.

I have to say, I think this is kind of crappy. I mean, iTunes already is dominating the Mac market in the podcasting field, and Apple clearly is benefitting from the "pod" association of podcasting with iPod. Why go to these lengths to force a great free community resource into changing its name? Just to be the big bad bully? I don't think they really need to worry about "protecting their brand" at this point, considering how omnipresent the iPod is.

I disagree with TUAW that Apple should not protect their name whenever possible, but I do find Apple very inconsistent with the targets they go after.

What about Bill Palmer's iPodGarage and LoadPod websites?

I have heard Apple sent him letters ... Dennis Loyd of iPodLounge caved in quickly ... from rumor - so he could save Apple as an advertiser ... iPodLounge is now iLounge.

Personally, iPodLounge gave Apple a good name, I don't see how either of Bill Palmer's site do ANYTHING good for Apple.

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