Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bugs In Lugz Thugs Story???

After the little bruhaha that ensued over who made the "shuffle ad connection" ... I looked around the net for information on when the story of Lugz copying the ad first came out.

It appears that a lot of Mac sites picked this up late, including me. The Mac World didn't pick up that Apple may have been copying Lugz ads all along until late October, but ADweek reported on the fiasco back in mid October (within 2 days of the showing of the video at the ONE MORE THING event)

From that link is the following forum poster's information that no one seems to have elaborated on:

First off, the Lugz ad was created and ran in 2002. The iPod silo campaign only started in 2003. AFTER the Lugz campaign.

Second, Psyop has created ads for Chiat Day between 2002 and now (infinity car campaign).

Third, Eminem knows and has hung with Funk Master Flex, the DJ hiphop personality featured in the Lugz ads.

The Lugz campaign ran (in 2002) in heavy (albiet short) rotation on MTV, VH1, and BET, as well as a corresponding print campaign that ran in VIBE, SPIN and XXL.

The Lugz ad also won a nomination from D&AD (that's the British Design and Art Direction Awards) in early 2003. One of the most prestigious awards in the advertising community.

As a Creative director in advertising, I have no doubt whatsoever that Chiat Day and Logan flagrently ripped off the Lugz ad.

The important part that a lot of websites are missing is that the Lugz ads predated the ENTIRE iPod silhouette ad campaign. TWBA/Chiat Day really need to be called out on this ... because I have pointed out several other retailers that have copied Apple's silhouette ads ... when really ... all along they were copying Lugz advertisement.

This really brings the merit of thorough research to the forefont of our publications and inventions. Unique inventions and concepts are harder to produce now more than ever. Licensing, copyright, and legal matters are getting so difficult to research and so easily prosecuted ; it is getting difficult for businesses to seperate themselves creatively. Great minds think alike;but is thinking alike protected?

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