Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Apple is Oil?

From a series of posts I responded to on Slashdot:

/. Poster: Keeping the prices high on what is essentially commodity hardware does nothing to alleviate the cost problem."

Jackwhispers INSERT OIL into that and you see how non sequitur it sounds

Commodities have no quality equation (at least not completely) ... therefore a computer cannot be a commodity.

"Keeping the prices high on oil (what is essentially a commodity) does nothing to alleviate the cost problem."

Sure it does, demand goes down if prices are high ... but you fail to see the value of Apple beyond a computing platform ...

1) No virus tax,

2) Quality components,

3) Better (and tested) feature set,

4) Included apps or low cost apps that do what would cost $1000's on a PC

I'm sure you've seen the Apple fanboy posts (which are mostly true):

A similarly equipped PC vs an Apple is either more expensive or equal in price ... and that does not factor in the above.

Last quarter's sales stats show that demand for Apple products (not just iPods) is on the rise ... therefore prices for Apple computers do NEED to go down. Demand is being driven by quality, experience, and recommendation ... something that doesn't factor into a commodity ... such as oil.

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