Friday, October 07, 2005

The Windshield Scare of 1954 / The iPod Nano Scare of 2005

iPod nano scratches

The Seattle Windshield Pitting Hysteria of 1954

The summary is that in 1954, some people started reporting tiny pits, chips and dings in their windshields. This prompted other people to carefully examine their windshields and, lo and behold, they found tiny pits, too! All kinds of culprits from cosmic rays to atomic bomb test debris to vandalism were considered, but the fact was that those defects in the windshields were always there, it's just that people had to look really closely to see them.

*** attributed to MacFanDave from the MacRumors forums

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Anonymous said...

Also, one reason for the nano showing more scratches that I've never seen mentioned: the screen is smaller! So every scratch is that much bigger in comparison--AND you are more likely to be looking closer at the nano to read it.

;-) Another pertinent comment from the Macrumors forum