Friday, October 21, 2005

Tech Companies Spend 2% Of Revenue For Litigation, But What Does Apple Spend?

This pretty much speaks for itself. It does beg the question though; what does Apple spend yearly, defending and prosecuting lawsuits? My bet is far more than 2%!!

As reported by Slashdot:

Tech Companies Swimming In Lawsuits

"A new survey shows that the tech industry places third after healthcare and energy companies in the number of lawsuits it deals with. It states that an average tech company faces 42 lawsuits currently, more than the insurance industry!" From the article: "An average U.S. technology company currently faces 42 lawsuits vs. 37 lawsuit for an average company. The tech industry places third, after healthcare and energy companies, in the number of lawsuits it deals with ... Needless to say, that's quite expensive. Nearly a third of these companies spend more than 2% of their gross revenue on legal expenses, according to one of the largest surveys of corporate counsel in America."

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