Thursday, October 06, 2005

Taking Advantage Of The Apple News

I received an email last night that I thought worthy of addressing:


Your site isn't updated as often as it used to be. I remember you criticizing several sites that aren't updated regularly in the past. Don't you think that's being a little hypocritical?

Actually, eventhough it doesn't show, I'm spending about an hour of my 18 hour days; at this point, transitioning Jackwhispers completely to this BLOG.

So, while there doesn't seem to be frequent updates, the Jackwhispers BLOG is actually being updated every day.

That said, I accept the critique and should have this transition completed by Mid October. I'll try to post some of the features such as JackWords, Jack Classics, JackLooks, or Con-versations soon.

Lastly, in partial defense, there isn't a lot of controversial or newsworthy scams making the rounds in the Mac Community at the moment. Which is actually a good thing.

I do have a promise to readers though:

I am working on a story that will be far more controversial than anything I reported on Jack Campbell, Jason O'Grady, or Bill Palmer. It will focus on a very well known and respected Apple Reseller and it's CEO. Stay tuned for more juicy details. As always ... I have to verify and then reverify my information before I publish it.

Thank you again for your patience while I grow this site and my other business ventures ...


Jackwhispers editor

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