Monday, October 24, 2005

Jack Classic: Trick Or Treat: The Headless Horseman's Identity Revealed

(ABOVE) This is John's most famous picture - where he poses to not hear his critics. I always thought it looked like he was lifting his head off.

If any of you have ever read a column by John C. Dvorak, you'll know what I'm talking about here. If you haven't read any of his work, maybe you saw him on TechTV's tech industry topic debate show, Silicon Spin. And if you still don't know who he is, you can Google the name.

This guy has as many bad stories about him on the internet and as many damning comments as Satan. In fact, I think Dvorak is the only person I know, that is so well known for being disliked in the Mac Community.

Here's a brief, and no where near complete, history of John Dvorak's career & comments:

Booted from MacUser Magazine for [from editor] "Routinely poor editorial insight"

Booted from TechTV for poor ratings & low advertising revenue generated during show + multiple "disagreements with management and fellow show hosts"

Dvorak has wrongly predicted Apple would be out of business in 3 years; 4 times

Dvorak has wrongly predicted the death of firewire, the 1st generation iBook, the iPod, the iLife Suite, and OS X
**Please don't correct me on firewire - it is far from dead although not included w/ recent iPods

Most recently he criticized Apple for hoodwinking the public and causing "Pandora's Box" to be opened by releasing the U2 Special Edition iPod.

** Followup: The U2 Edition iPod ended up being such a success that Apple made the iPod Video in black and a Nano in black and has followed up with sveral OTHER successful Special Edition iPods

It should be noted that after reviewing over 100 stories by Dvorak that he used the cliche, "Pandora's Box" 12 times. Indicating, he has little new to write and that he may just be filling in stories like Mad Libs.

So, I have come to the conclusion that John C. Dvorak may actually be the Headless Horseman. I refuse to believe that there is a head on that body when the hand moves to type or use a pen. I believe this even stronger now that I found this picture:

A couple of times a year he releases an "Apple is Dead" story because he KNOWS that it will push up his reader totals. It's like sweeps week. He'll peeve as many Mac fans as he can because he knows not only will they flock to read his story (to prove him wrong), but they will also tell everyone they know. He also knows that just before the holiday push is when management considers where to trim to maximize profits during the holiday season.

Aside from this freakish revelation, he is a very annoying liberal democrat that rants on his BLOG about meaningless political items often.

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