Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Excerpt from BillPalmer.net:

But the real kicker is that the bank's website, which once upon a time was rock solid, has become almost as much of a joke as the rest of the overall banking experience. The site goes down for "scheduled maintenance" every single Saturday evening and doesn't come back up until Sunday afternoon at the earliest, sometimes being down all day Sunday. And because this apparently isn't enough time for them to get done whatever they're doing behind the scenes, the site is more and more frequently down randomly during the week. Like everything else about this bank, it gets worse with every passing month.

This comes from the same person who is the webmaster at macmischief.com and a contributor at 2guysamacandawebsite.com ... neither site is updated regularly ... in fact MacMischief hasn't been updated in over a month. There have only been 18 updates this entire YEAR! (And to nitpick, the site offers nothing unique or breaking as far as news. His blog entry was one of the first in almost a month.)

Hmmmmm ... contradiction???

Followup with this Fix Your Thinking story: BillWhispers

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