Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Easy To Use & Upgrade Discontinued ...

Apple quietly discontinued the eMac yesterday.

I found this quote in the MacRumors forum:

Good Riddance...

You got the [Mac]mini that does as much or more now, get a monitor for $120, and you got something better than the eMac now

Actually - the MacMini is so much less than an eMac:

Notebook Hard Drive vs Desktop Hard Drive
Laptop Hard Drives are 4200RPM & 5400RPM / Desktop Drives are 7200RPM & faster

Notebook Optical Drive vs Desktop Optical Drive
Laptop optical drives are not available at retail and are months behind in technology & speed

One RAM slot that is inaccessable vs 2 easily accessable RAM slots
Max RAM on MacMini is 1GB vs 2GB on eMac / MacMini takes 10 minutes to add RAM vs eMac 2 minutes

Airport extreme hard to add vs eMac's easy to add slot
Same as RAM - extremely difficult and possible damage if you upgrade

The CRT on eMac were some of the best displays I have ever seen.
Color separation and response time on LCDs are no where near CRTs

There are no all in ones under $1299.99 anymore.

Personally, I think Apple could get away with a $799.99 LCD version of the eMac

Maybe we will see it again around "Intel inside" time.



Anonymous said...

You can still buy it if you're an EDU customer. (Tidbit: When the eMac was first released, it was only for the education market. Only after everyone wanted one Apple changed their policy...)

FYT said...

I realize that and I should have added it to the post - but thanks for the note.

The eMac sold pretty well ... at retail.

I will say this though ... one of the reasons for discontinuing it was also because of it's weight and bulk to ship. It cost $11 more for me to ship an eMac vs an iMac G5. There is also less packaging and a simpler box for the iMac.

Anonymous said...

When you compare the eMac and the Mac mini, you realize that both of them are overpriced.

Back when the mini came out at $500, the 1.25 Ghz eMac was $750. Subtract $150 for the cost of a good 17" flatscreen from the eMac, the price would be $600.

Now look at the mini. If it had been built with less expensive desktop components like are in the eMac, it could have been introduced at $400. This means that Apple overpriced the eMac by $200. Gee, its not selling well... I wonder why?

And where is the low end G5 model? They have a great product in the G5 iMac but they are forcing people to buy a LCD. If they removed the LCD, it could be priced at $800. I think Apple would sell an extra million of them because a lot of people do not want to have their computer tied to their display.

I get the distinct impression that Apple does not want to increase its market share when they keep making bonehead marketing decisions like these.

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