Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Crumb From The Crust Of The Apple Pie

* photo credit: Robert Sorbo/AFP/Getty Images & MSN CNET

Microsoft Pays Real Networks 3/4 of a Billion

The day that Apple announces record quarterly revenue of $430 million, Real Networks announces a one day profit of $761 million after Microsoft has agreed to a court settlement.

Real Networks blames Microsoft for bundling Windows Media Player into the operating system for declining marketshare (and profits).

I say, Kharma is what hit Real Networks. Last time I looked The Rhapsody Music Store was losing money and was 4th in marketshare, behind the iTunes MusicStore's #1 spot of 86%. Not much in that #4 spot percentage ... maybe a crumb from the crust of the Apple Pie. (Incidentally, MSN's Music service is usually rated better than Real Rhapsody)

Another spin on this that readers may find interesting ...

Apple could easily make the same argument. Out of all the media players; Quicktime is BY FAR the best quality and most feature rich. I would imagine if Apple even suggests the subject of a lawsuit with Microsoft; Microsoft suggests the discussing the future of "The Mac Business Unit" at Microsoft.

Effectively, Microsoft kept a weak player from sinking. It's a shame that Apple will have to continue the headache of dealing with Rob Glaser; REAL CEO.

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