Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Cingular Logo Should Reflect An Amputee

Cingular gets Real for video

In a boost for Real Networks, Cingular said it would use the company’s video streaming software in a video service to be announced later this year. Cingular will also use Real’s RealArcade gaming software for downloadable games. The announcement comes as competition for cellphone video technology heats up. Verizon’s V-CAST is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Media technology.

So, if Cingular is a partner with Apple and Motorola over the ROKR line of cellphones; using an Apple Technology (iTunes), then why would Cingular not choose a BETTER standard like many Japenese cellular companies have: Quicktime?

It boggles my mind why companies would want to be so shortsighted as to not support Mac Users - typically wealthy influential creative types and hollywood types that embrace Macs also promote it subtly.

I believe the Cingular logo should look like this instead, because sometimes I don't think the head is on this little orange guy!

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Anonymous said...

Timely post... and spot on, as well. More and more, I wonder just who the guys are making the decisions in America's cellphone industry. It's obvious that they are increasingly panicked about rapidly shifting technology, and that it's causing them to make ever more erratic choices.

No wonder cellphones and music labels are mentioned so often together in the news... both groups are equally baffled by changing technologies.