Monday, October 03, 2005

Apple Joins The Monopoly

The McDonald's Monopoly© Game starts today October 3 2005:

McDonald's latest Monopoly© game promotion offers iTunes songs as "mini prizes" and iPods as a "big prize".

Their previous promotion involved buying a Big Mac and getting a free "Sony Connect" Music Store song in sucky format ATRAC form - I think it was one of the least successful promotions McDonald's has ever launched. So ... this is an interesting switch - also considering McDonald's is a HEAVY promoter of Coca Cola (and not Pepsi)

I recall a scam a few years back ... in fact the people who printed the Monopoly© game pieces were a local printing company who rigged the pieces with friends and family around the country... it was interesting to see how quiet McDonald's managed to keep it.

The Monopoly© game at McDonald's has always been pretty good ... I won $100 a few years back.

Here is the original FixYourThinking story covering the previous prize:

Big Mac Not Compatible With The Mac


Anonymous said...

As regards the McDonald's Monopoly scandal of a few years ago, it most certainly was not kept quiet, especially not in the sales promotion industry. The company who's employees were running the Monopoly game scam (Simon Marketing) lost all of its McDonald's business and went under, taking with it the livelihoods of a lot of innocent people who were unconnected to the fraud. Also, McDonald's refused to run any game or sweepstakes promotions for several years after the scandal so that it could get a firmer grip on promotion security.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some of the clarification ...

There wasn't as much outrage or discussion in the media as I would have suspected.

It was a second page story at best... but I do remember McD's didn't have the monopoly contest for at least a year.

Anonymous said...

There was plenty of news coverage about it at the time, but the story broke in August 2001. One guy at the company, the head of security, was responsible for the scam, passing game pieces to compadres outside the company to collect the prizes. News of the fraud dominated the headlines for a couple of weeks, then Sept. 11 happened. I guess you know what happened then ...