Monday, September 19, 2005

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This move was made for several reasons:

1) Jackwhispers has served it's purpose of being a traffic draw to my other domains, but is now capable of being a stand alone site.

2) In order to provide more updated content, in a quicker fashion

3) I have discovered that this page gets into Google cache and searches much faster than by being part of my domain.

4) The relationship between my private & public life - here as an editor and on my other sites as a sales outlet; was confusing to readers and to potential contacts for business ventures.

5) This site has become a bandwidth hog because of the dramatic increase in visitors over the last few months. Having the site hosted here will ease bandwidth and also make the site faster!

6) This site, being stand alone, will provide me with a slight bit more of anonymity. ;-)

Thank you to all readers for making this site grow and helping me to keep the content fresh with your tips and encouraging words over the past two years!

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