Monday, September 05, 2005

Jobs Cancels His Job: Steve Jobs Keynote @ Apple Expo Paris Cancelled

There's nothing more to say about this really, but most of the Mac News websites are taking the day off - so you can say you heard it here first (well almost first):

As reported by Engadget:

Steve Jobs cancelled the keynote for this year’s Apple Expo in Paris. No official (or unofficial) word on what happened or why he won’t be doing his “Just one more thing” thing for us in France, but could it be that they’re just going to make all their big announcements at the press event they have scheduled for this coming Wednesday? Or are they just not ready to announce all those new iPods they’re working on? Not sure, but we do know that instead of a formal keynote Apple will be holding a more informal press conference with Jobs and other company execs.

Interesting, there may just be a scheduling conflict. Too many people try to read too much into Apple announcements! I have already seen a few forums suggesting this is related to Steve Job's cancer. Be careful Mac Web and "analysts" rumor can cause stock dips!

Here is the official Apple Expo Paris Link to the announcement: Apple Keynote Cancellation

Have a great Labor Day!

Take note; post offices, banks, and some gas stations are closed!

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