Monday, September 19, 2005

Ixnay On The Applenay

As reported by Wired Magazine:

From E-Tailers Get Apple Nastygrams

Apple is ordering several online iPod accessory vendors to stop using the word "iPod" in their names or URLs.

Apple has sent legal notices to accessory vendors and iPodlife.

I personally think Apple is well within its rights and its reponsibilities to shareholders to protect its names and trademarks.

Other websites are claiming they have been monitoring this story for some time. I first noticed it when changed it's name to


I personally have been involved in trying to bring an iPod peripheral to market myself ... I was warned by a company that produces many popular iPod peripherals that I could not have the word "iPod" or "Pod" in the name of the product ... that the product would have to have a cult name grow out the product's use - such as "podcasting"


Jack Campbell said...

I'll politely disagree with you here, as Apple has zero legal claim to the word, "pod." Companies are complying with the cease and desist requests simply from fear of channel reprisals by Apple... not because Apple's over-the-top claim actually has any merit.

Apple has been trying for over two-years to get a registered trademark on 'pod,' but keeps facing denial after denial. "iPod," yes. "Pod," no.

This is just a case of a bully with a gun insisting that the sky is green, further insisting that you smile and agree with him... or, else. The "else" here is to have Apple slam doors all around the world's distribution channels, and keep a smaller company's products out of widespread sale.

So, the little guys weakly smile, and reluctantly agree to change their names.

Sad, but true.

FYT said...

It's not a matter of a bully at all ...

The "rules" were in place LONG before you came to the scene.

Previous CEO's chose to dilute the brand and not enforce Apple's naming policy.

I imagine you also feel that if there is a 45 mile an hour speed limit on a major highway that is straight for 5 miles and has cars going going a minimum of 60 - you are justified to go 60 miles an hour as well?