Monday, September 26, 2005

I'll Scratch Your iPod Nano If You'll Scratch Mine

Various websites are carrying a story that the Apple message boards are lighting up about iPod nano screens scratching ...

I've read various BLOGS that say this was "problem" was posted to the Apple boards by an employee at Creative (iPod competitor) ... as with all problems in the Apple world ... hypochondriacs go crazy!

That said, I am aware that the plastic is more sensitive. Was the unit that Steve Jobs showed off during the launch event the same? He had that in his pocket for almost 45 minutes before unveiling it - getting up and sitting down and he must have had it (used it) for some time before that.

As a precaution ... it might be a good idea to get some screen protectors or some screen protection liquid. Minor scratches can be removed with the same time of polishing liquid used to remove scratches from CDs.

[UPDATE]I can't believe how "loaded" the forum at Engadget is ... it's obvious now ... iPod/Apple haters/Competition are turning this into something unrealistically dramatic.

[UPDATE] Emails have asked me to indicate a source that thinks this is overblown or a conspiracy theory being propogated by the competition ... here you go.

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