Thursday, September 08, 2005

How Google & GEICO may have just settled a common argument w/ third party Apple Developers & Apple Fan Sites.

GEICO insurance, the ever annoying auto insurance ad company and Google settled a major lawsuit yesterday out of court.

The lawsuit was over Google allowing other competing advertisers to use the word "GEICO" in their advertisements.

Google ADsense works on the premise that an advertiser chooses keywords to advertise with. For instance; if I'm on a page with iPod Nano news from yesterday, I am most likely to see the Google ADsense area filled with "free iPod" ads or possibly even iPod repair/battery upgrade services.

GEICO's contention was that Google was allowing a keyword that was trademarked, to be used as a means of advertising. GEICO believed that it's competition was trying to capitalize on it's name and therefore associate their services with GEICO's - almost as if they were affiliated with GEICO.

The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed settlement - it is surmised Google paid out a good sum of money.


Bill Palmer uses (and has used) the words iLounge, iPodLounge, etc in his advertsing for iPodGarage & LoadPod. I have heard rumblings through grapevines that a similar dispute was made by iPodLounge over their name being used in meta tags.

Here are the META TAGS from LOADPOD.COM ( A Bill Palmer Joint ):

{ META name="keywords" content="LoadPod, load pod, iPod, i pod, i-pod, iPod loading, iPod load, load iPod, iPod CD loading, iPod help, CDs into iPod, CD's into iPod, CD collection into iPod, iPod rip, iPod ripping, iPod CD ripping, nationwide, local, service, iPod Garage, iPod CD collection, iTunes, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Bill Palmer, iTunes Music Store, MP3, AAC, MP3 player, AAC format, iPod User Group, iPod Party, iPod illiterate, ipodlounge, ipod lounge, ipodhacks, ipod hacks, businessweek, business week, New York, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, United States, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Canada" }

Wouldn't you say that Dennis Llyod of iLounge (formerly known as iPodLounge) has the same argument?

A similar case, with similar evidence, could be made for DVForge website(s) using Griffin, Belkin, and DLO as keywords. DVForge has even gone as far as advertising it's own competition - this was a ploy to use Griffin as a keyword "helper".

And, by the way, in case you're wondering ... the iPodGarage name and possibly even LOADPOD name are in violation of Apple's naming policy. Don't believe me ... ask why the name iPodLounge was changed yourself!

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