Monday, September 12, 2005

General Thoughts & Comments About Hurricane Katrina: Relating To Mac Users!

I said I'd make a followup post to my thoughts about Hurricane Katrina ...

I'll just give you a bullet list of some things that have piqued my interest:

1) Apple fansites / Mac centic websites have raised A LOT of money for the Red Cross - I can count $500,000+ from sites I visit regularly. That doesn't include what Apple has been able to collect. But get this ... the FEMA website only allows Windows Internet Explorer Users (Explorer 6.0 & higher) to register for assistance via the web. Read more about this ridiculous circumstance here

2) I have been interested in the radical theory / conspiracy theory angle of this tragedy. Of particular interest, has been that this storm was Category 3 and would have remained that way had not a secret weapon used by the Japanese mafia to focus and strengthen this storm!!! This is kind of the reverse angle from; current technology might be able to weaken hurricanes before they hit land. I would be skeptical of what damage "STOPPING" mother nature would have.

3) Many have blamed our President for a slow response ... yet I saw a schoolyard of 100's (yes 100's) of school buses that were toppled and destroyed. Why weren't these school buses used for evacuation? The mayor HIMSELF should have been on the bus, with a bull horn, demanding people come out of their homes and get on the bus or get a citation for "something". Individuals who wished to stay ... should have had to sign away their rights to be assisted on the spot. There have been warnings for YEARS about the potential of such a storm, funding has been provided by a magnitude of FIVE TIMES MORE by THIS President than ANY other; to strengthen levies ... nothing has been done and funds have been misappropriated. There was even a warning placed the week BEFORE by several meteorologists that this MAY BE THE YEAR!!

4) I am displeased with the Mac websites that felt it necessary to take advantage of people to gain sales for their products by claiming to contribute portions of sales to the Red Cross. I'm pleased with websites that chose to provide links or sort of affiliate totals for Red Cross giving.

5) Gas prices in my area rose unecessarily and this should be investigated. The price you see oil at today is the price three months from now. It could be $100 a barrel and still not affect prices each gas station has to pay; today! We had a local oil magnate come on television and proclaim that he would not profit from gasoline for "at least a week" ... what a crock ... his prices were outrageous (and in line) with all the other gas stations. (By the way, prices for gas in my state are the cheapest in the country and rose to some of the highest!) I also hope that cash price vs credit price will be investigated as well. It is not legal to make a distinction such as this by FEDERAL LAW! (Although this is a real gray area <--- click to read)

6) I hope these "transfer trailers" full of goodies for hurricane victims are being monitored. Some of them look suspiciously like "trailers of profit" to me and look to be scams. In other words ... personal collections to sell. I put a note in a pair of short pants that I donated that said, "Bless you and your family if you received this free ... shame on you and the seller who sold it to you!"

7) I'm not that pleased that my area has decided to take several hundred of these people in ... I welcome the honest and needy ... I abhor that we have essentially taken in gypsies and theives (This is HONESTLY who was left in New Orleans) Yes, I have seen a number of the refugees.

8) I hope everyone remembers to give in a few months or even 30 days from now!!! From what I hear ... nothing will even START to be done until the end of October!

9) Don't feel like you're contributing ... currently; $62 billion worth of federal relief = $2066.00 per tax payer in the USA.

10) The devastation caused by this hurricane is astonishing ... but, is anyone reminded of two common people on this website when thinking of the New Orleans mayor who stated ... "Greater than 10,000 people are feared dead." ... While one death is too many ... looks like fewer than 700 total are dead.

That's my thoughts ... I tried to relate them to the Mac Universe as best I could and provide you with a slightly different perspective than you might read elsewhere. Even if you have no God, pray for the people that lost their homes and loved ones; daily!

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