Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cold Heart or Cold Shoulder?


I have received a number of emails and requests from friends to post information concerning Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.

I do feel for the people that lost their homes and loved ones. I just feel there are enough efforts, reminders, and people crusading as it stands. I have done a small part by donating clothes and food to a local drive. That said, I will update this story on a different perspective to this tragedy later in the week.

If you want to read why I don't really feel the need to support this effort through mentioning it on my site, read this article from December 2004:


Tsunami Relief from the distributors of Sosumi

The Sosumi Sound of course is a system sound from Apple Computer's past.

Apple's front page this entire week has looked like this:

Hats off to Apple!

That said, after seeing this [below] on MacSlash, I felt obligated to remind some of the readers posting in the forums there:

Signs Of Corporate Conscience

someone caring writes "Links to aid donating to tsunami disaster relief are cropping up in a number of places. Some predictable places include the Yahoo and Google homepages. Less predictable location are large corporate homepages (Apple and Amazon) generally reserved for the latest and greatest product or service. I'm sure that every human heart feels sadness at a time like this. I just wasn't expecting to come across a sign that maybe there is such a thing a corporate conscience. Amazon and Apple you're class acts. I'm sure there are other example. Has anyone run across them? I wouldn't mind the list as a tiebreaker when I make a future purchasing decision."

FogCreek Software is donating half of all revenue this week to Oxfam. Although it's a small token, we're following their lead and donating half of MacSlash's ad and affilliate revenue from this week (Dec 26 - Jan 1) to Doctors Without Borders (Medicines sans Frontieres). Any Amazon purchases made through our amazon affiliate link helps those who are hurting in the aftermath of the tsunami, as do the ads displayed on the site.


My comment:

You must be careful though... (Score:1)

by adzoox on Thursday December 30, @09:40AM

Tugging at the heart strings is a common ploy to get business.

While I believe Apple and Amazon are sincere - anyone who joins in after this point may be just trying to bring their readers in by taking advantage of them.

A small cost to pay to get hit totals up!

Truthfully, I think it was this Tsunami Relief Page that Apple put up and got a lot of press over - the reason why so many are trying to make people think they have good will this time around...

I'm doing my part privately and anonymously. I would encourage my readers to do so as well!


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