Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bad Bees Buzzling???

... Not much to really comment about on this story, as it pretty much speaks for itself. It does fit into the general theme here.

I will post this litigation in the "Your Rights, The Law, & Litigation Section

Australian Apple Reseller Buzzle Claims Apple Responsible For Demise; Files Suit

From the article @ The Australian:

APPLE Computer faces a $57million lawsuit from the liquidator of the collapsed retail chain Buzzle, who claims Apple was effectively in control of the company and instrumental in its rapid demise.

Buzzle, the subject of the ABC documentary Going Public, went into receivership in March 2001; owing $30 million to 866 creditors. Apple, its major supplier, was owed $20 million.

It is interesting that they owe 865 creditors 10 million dollars ... this may mean they owe some creditors as little as $100. What scum!!!


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