Thursday, September 29, 2005

Viruses On The Mac Like Herpes??? How Delicious!

Delicious Monster's Wil Shipley is offering $500 for proof that a Mac virus exists. Apparently, he's tired of the claims made by journalists that the Mac is "nearly" virus-free.

"if a reporter asked you, "Hey, do you have herpes?" and you replied, "Nope, I've been tested, no herpes, never," and then they wrote an article with the headline, "Bob Smith: Mostly Herpes-Free," you would, no doubt, flip (assuming your name was Bob Smith)."

Basic rules of the contest: prove that a Mac virus existed prior to September 20, 2005. Not a proof-of-concept, not a theory, but a real, live, propagating, evil, wicked virus.

Interesting ... if I recall ... there has been ONE virus ... called Michelangelo back in the early 90's. I know that it affected Macs at the very least ... proving infection might be different. Since Macs can read PC disks; and floppies were regularly exchanged amongst PC clients to their media producing Mac business partners ... I don't know ... I'm almost certain that was ONE.

FixYourThinking readers may remember that Jack Campbell tried his hands at a "Virus Contest" - it was thoroughly covered here with exclusive content and insight.

I feel this contest differs, especially in intelligent execution as it asks for a virus that was created PRIOR to the contest date. Of course $500 is also a realistic prize offering that could actually be paid out too. We all know Jack had no intention or resource to pay out the $25,000 he offered (and quickly pulled).

I still don't like this "egging on" by big mouthed Mac jornalists and Apple developers ... honestly ... I think this is a subject that breeds "hacking & virus writing" rather than discourages it or helps prevent it!

Read: A Jacked Up Virus

* parts of this story - attributed to MacSlash

* links regarding Jack Campbell removed

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Apple Makes A Creative Recall ...

As reported by MacMinute:

Apple responds to iPod nano screen concerns

Apple today officially responded to some users recent concerns that there is a problem with the screens breaking and/or scratching on its new iPod nano, reports Macworld UK's Jonny Evans. Confirming that the problem indeed exists, Apple said "This is a real but minor issue involving a vendor quality problem in a small number of units. Our figures show this issue has affected less than 1/10 of 1 per cent of the total iPod nano units that we've shipped. It is not a design issue," notes the report. Customers with broken screens can contact Apple for a replacement. In terms of the scratches, the company says the screen are the same as those on 4G iPods. The company recommends purchasing a screen protector if they have concerns.

As I said previously, I do think this was an issue, but I also think that employees at Creative Technology and other iPod competition exacerbated the problem by trying to bandwagon on various Apple forum boards.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Refusing To See The Invisible

While waiting for the Apprentice last week I caught the last few minutes of the NBC series Joey.

In the show, one of the chracters was using an iMac G5 - except the Apple Logo had a blatantly obvious round circle covering it. It looked weird.

I would imagine shows do this so they can can get sponsorship from Apple (if Apple wants to see the Apple logo).

To me, it seems like nothing more than greed.

While I doubt this show will be successful, which may be a fortunate thing - not to have displayed the logo, I call for a ban on any movie, advertisement, or television show where this is done.

No Apple logo - no support from Apple users - which are a big part of media trends and audience share.

I'll Scratch Your iPod Nano If You'll Scratch Mine

Various websites are carrying a story that the Apple message boards are lighting up about iPod nano screens scratching ...

I've read various BLOGS that say this was "problem" was posted to the Apple boards by an employee at Creative (iPod competitor) ... as with all problems in the Apple world ... hypochondriacs go crazy!

That said, I am aware that the plastic is more sensitive. Was the unit that Steve Jobs showed off during the launch event the same? He had that in his pocket for almost 45 minutes before unveiling it - getting up and sitting down and he must have had it (used it) for some time before that.

As a precaution ... it might be a good idea to get some screen protectors or some screen protection liquid. Minor scratches can be removed with the same time of polishing liquid used to remove scratches from CDs.

[UPDATE]I can't believe how "loaded" the forum at Engadget is ... it's obvious now ... iPod/Apple haters/Competition are turning this into something unrealistically dramatic.

[UPDATE] Emails have asked me to indicate a source that thinks this is overblown or a conspiracy theory being propogated by the competition ... here you go.

Temporary Down Time

As I transition a lot of Jackwhispers to it's own domain and hosting there will be temporary down time ...

Some pictures may not render. Sometimes the domain may not resolve.

This should be corrected by the end of this week...

Thank you for your patience.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Scamming Scammers & The Scheming Scammers Who Scam Them Back

I was recently the victim of a vigilante on eBay who took revenge on me because of this website.

While some consider this site to be vigilante justice ... it's actually nothing of the sort. Some may also consider this site opinion, when really, it's just clarification of facts I collect on the internet. (Sometimes I throw in a little conspiracy ... researched of course.)


The following story is from May 20, 2004:

Seven Nation Army ~ The White Stripes from the iTunes Music Store

MACS spelled backwards is SCAM

Over the weekend a story surfaced on Slashdot that caught my attention. I was almost sure that the story would flood the normal Mac news outlets this week, so I wanted to provide a JackWhispers take on the article.

One could say that this site is a form of vigilante justice. Initially, its intent was to root out the problems with MacMice CEO Jack Campbell - he would be tried in a court of public opinion, rather than a court of law. Jack, I suppose, through this site or some other way, saw the light. He's doing quite well and all is peaceful concerning MacMice. AT NO TIME, did I ever bend the truth, break any policies of any website or business; and of course, never ever broke any law.

So, this past weekend - we have a story about someone who was going to be scammed over a PowerBook G4 on eBay. Below is a bullet point listing of what happened:

* A guy lists a PowerBook on eBay (saying it was his own, but it was actually a friend's)

* He gets an offer from someone in the UK who asks that he consider ending the auction early

* The potential buyer asks if the seller will use an escrow service (buyer recommends a service)

* The seller hasn't heard of the escrow service so decides to investigate before giving the potential buyer a decision

* The seller finds out in a forum that the escrow site is a fake.

* The seller decides he wants to scam the scammer

* Seller decides to construct a dummy PowerBook and box it up with books to add weight (see pictures)

* Shipping costs of the "DummyBook" are high to the UK because buyer has requested overnight shipping

* Seller collects money by Paypal donation from members of his forum to perpetrate the scam of the buyer

* Seller sends the "DummyBook" via FedEx - he lists the contents as PowerBook G4 and the value as $2200

* The purpose is to make the buyer (an alleged scammer) have to pay duty of 27.5% of $2200 in duty fees = $605

Sounds great, right? Beat the scammer at his own game! This is wrong! I can't express my disgust and dismay at so many on Slashdot and that will probably surface as this story gets more and more circulation that agree that what this person did was the right thing to do. So many people have found favor in this vigilante justice story.

"There's no right way to do the wrong thing."

So, let's dissect this story ... shall we?

The "sale" resulted as an advertisement for the item on eBay. He listed it legitimately by posting an auction. The buyer, although a scammer, was promised by contract had he bid on the PowerBook G4 from the auction. The sale did not take place on eBay. The seller was made an offer off eBay. This detail doesn't negate the fact that the seller perpetrated a scam and did NOT send what was advertised in the auction. Should he have sent the PowerBook? No, of course not. ALL he should have done was forget the scammer and post to his friends a "what if..." scenario. Instead, the seller chose to receive some sort of glory and recognition for the story. In my opinion, getting a front page mention on Slashdot and most likely several outlets this week is an honor. The reverse scam the seller pulled was done for the sole purpose of ego stroking.

This guy went too far and HE stretched a lot of venues to get back at this scammer.

You CAN NOT COLLECT money through Paypal (even from willing benefactors) to defraud someone. He collected monies for the single purpose of paying for a FedEx package that was listed as a PowerBook and valued at $2200.

I'll repeat that in a different way: He asked for donations for a scam himself. You cannot ask for anyone to send you money through Paypal to contribute to a scam or pyramid scheme or for any purpose that is to defraud someone. He collected monies for the purpose of perpetrating a scam.

Compare this to collecting monies to buy a gun to kill someone - everyone who sends the money is an acomplice to a crime!

Just because you don't like someone doesn't justify breaking the law or breaking service policies to get back at them.

eBay was defrauded - he listed the item there - and then made a seperate deal for the item off of eBay.The seller alerted eBay and eBay ended up cancelling the auction and refunding fees, so eBay itself isn't out any money, but the seller used the venue to receive notariety and recognition and to run a scam. The sale was made under the premise that he was shipping what was listed in the auction. It is expressly forbidden in eBay policy to make off site offers and to use ebay as a venue for pyramid schemes, scams, or the selling of unauthorized or stolen items.

Here's an excerpt from the Paypal policy page:


You may not use PayPal to sell replica, counterfeit, or otherwise unauthorized items. Violations of PayPal's Replica and Counterfeit Item policy could result in the suspension of your account.

The seller sold a replica of a PowerBook and he also broke this policy:


You may not use PayPal to sell a product that bears the name or logo of a company, but wasn't made or endorsed by that company.

Both of these policies may illustrate a stretch of the policy as applied to this instance, but were broken just the same. A white lie is the same as ANY lie.

One of my favorite quotes, that is placed on many JackWhipsers pages is by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

Lastly, I'd like to say something sort of unrelated, but merits mention - as I am an Apple parts dealer on eBay - selling or buying a PowerBook on eBay or Yahoo auctions is the riskiest thing you could POSSIBLY do. If you even bid in ANY POWERBOOK auction or SELL ANY PowerBook (newer than 3 years) you are deluged with offers from Romania for $800 PowerBook G4 17".

The story was interesting and entertaining - but the outlets to properly "report a crime" are readily available and much less costly and time consuming. A lot of those resources are listed here. To all those reading: this site is a free resource.

From a Slashdot post:

"There's a couple of ways I can think that this could seriously backfire. It occurred to me that, however unlikely, it is possible that it wasn't a fraud in the first place. I KNOW better, of course, but there you go -- he pays for the merchandise and our hero, who decided that two wrongs make a right, might end up in a lot of trouble!"

Reply: I thought about this too. I'm not siding with the scammer, but wouldn't it be the perfect revenge for the scammer to just pay the $2200.00 - he would be able to recover it plus damages in court not to mention send the seller to jail for a VERY long time.

From a post I made on about this topic:

" I find dissatisfaction in the FACT that this may prompt MORE vigilante justice with LEGIT Apple VARS and legit Apple section sellers on eBay and Yahoo."


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You must own it to own it!

As reported on

A four-store record shop chain [Scotti's Record Shops] in New Jersey is offering a “Buy It, Burn It, Return It” policy—customers can buy a CD, take it home and rip a copy to their computer. Within 10 days, they can return the disc for 70% store credit. “We don’t want to “butt heads with iPod owners,” said co-owner Jeff Scotti. “We have to embrace them.”

People, in order to own a copy of a song you must own the original. This chain of stores is soliciting an illegal activity. If you no longer own the original you must erase it from your hard drive. It's stupid promotions like this that give the iPod a bad name ... it makes artists hate new technology and shun it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Pirate Of Silicon Valley Says People Will Become Pirates

As reported by MacMinute:

Steve Jobs warns on digital music price hike

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said the music industry is "greedy for considering a hike in the price of digital downloads, warning such a move would drive users back to piracy," reports Reuters. "If they want to raise the prices, it means that they are getting greedy," said Jobs at a news conference in Paris today. "If the price goes up, they (consumers) will go back to piracy and everybody loses," he said.

There's not much to add to that other than the fact that he is right. A lot of people who are buying songs from iTunes are doing so to support the format and business model iTunes offers ... not necessarily because that's what they want to do. Raising the price would be a middle finger to everyone who purchases Music ... and most would blame Apple because of their lack of understanding of the greed in the Music publishing industry.

The thing that irks me the most about this kind of news is that it costs the record companies NOTHING to have a song on iTunes ... while the estimated cost of a CD is $3.80 by the time it gets to the end user.

Monday, September 19, 2005

You are here!


You can bookmark either:

This move was made for several reasons:

1) Jackwhispers has served it's purpose of being a traffic draw to my other domains, but is now capable of being a stand alone site.

2) In order to provide more updated content, in a quicker fashion

3) I have discovered that this page gets into Google cache and searches much faster than by being part of my domain.

4) The relationship between my private & public life - here as an editor and on my other sites as a sales outlet; was confusing to readers and to potential contacts for business ventures.

5) This site has become a bandwidth hog because of the dramatic increase in visitors over the last few months. Having the site hosted here will ease bandwidth and also make the site faster!

6) This site, being stand alone, will provide me with a slight bit more of anonymity. ;-)

Thank you to all readers for making this site grow and helping me to keep the content fresh with your tips and encouraging words over the past two years!

Ixnay On The Applenay

As reported by Wired Magazine:

From E-Tailers Get Apple Nastygrams

Apple is ordering several online iPod accessory vendors to stop using the word "iPod" in their names or URLs.

Apple has sent legal notices to accessory vendors and iPodlife.

I personally think Apple is well within its rights and its reponsibilities to shareholders to protect its names and trademarks.

Other websites are claiming they have been monitoring this story for some time. I first noticed it when changed it's name to


I personally have been involved in trying to bring an iPod peripheral to market myself ... I was warned by a company that produces many popular iPod peripherals that I could not have the word "iPod" or "Pod" in the name of the product ... that the product would have to have a cult name grow out the product's use - such as "podcasting"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jack Classic: The PowerPage Loses Power

Jackwhispers, brought you the exclusive link between The PowerPage's Jason O'Grady and Think Secret's Nick Ciarelli ... after reading this story ... maybe you can understand why Apple is going after The Powerpage in part of it's lawsuit and discovery of evidence as to who is leaking trade secrets at Apple and if the information is being obtained illegally. Regardless though of the legality, it is against the law in 42 states to report trade secrets under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Recycled Words ~ SeldomSeen / GET IT FREE on

Bees go from plant to plant (or flower to flower to be more precise) collecting nectar in their bellies. They go back to the beehive and regurgitate (throw it up) to the larval young and some to the queen (in a premium form called Royal Jelly).

One of the reasons I started the Jackwhispers Blog was so I could type in quick stories that I didn't feel had enough content to really editorialize. A look around the Mac Web this morning shows pretty much the same headlines amongst MacMinute, MacNewsNetwork, MacObserver, & MacCentral.

MacCentral used to have one of the best story comment systems on the web. After a redesign ... which was solely aimed at squeezing more advertising space on the screen ... I stopped visiting the site. I started posting more in the MacMinute forums ... called The Reader Cafe - but it has quickly degenerated into a few mindless trolls who quasi-moderate every comment made there. The forums are filled with cursing, potty humor, and off topic, non sensical rants from people who obviously have a lot of free time on their hands and have no life outside of commenting in the forums. There are a few posters [ that have the same names and avatars ] who seem to ruin most every forum around the Mac Web.

Here is an example from someone named SteveG at MacMinute, responding to a post asking opinions about a potential PowerBook G5:

"Did you know that if your puppy piddles on your PB (is that enough alliteration?), it becomes a G-Whiz!"

The only fresh content seems to come from reader driven sites like and occasionally MacSlash. I have to give these sites credit for keeping content on their front pages short but sweet and interesting. They both let the readers fill in the details through comments and in depth reviews.

I know of few websites that update their older stories. Occasionally, Low End Mac will update outdated stories. If new information arises, for a story on Jackwhispers, I like to go in and update the story.

I also know of few websites that respond to their readers personally or even give the opportunity for a reader to comment at all. This is another area that XLR8yourMac shines. I try to contribute to XLR8yourMac as often as I can ... especially if I see a complex or obscure reader question that is asking for help.

The PowerPage posts "new stories" most every day. But, as I've stated many times before about this site, if there's no news ... it seems The PowerPage will just make up a disaster or an unfounded rumor to raise hit totals. News will also be reported in the form of a review on the Powerpage ... but often this review will be over a month late or nothing new outside the reviews that are already floating around the web. One of the most recent revelations at The PowerPage has been the elimination of comments to stories all together. The Powerpage was down the week of writing this article ... I wonder if there truly is any maintenance going on or whether they just don't have much to report.

I used to love the Powerpage. Back in 1998, I would have to say it's where I really got my start on the internet. I advertised my book in it's forums. I bought from the people that listed in the for sale forums. I really enjoyed the articles - mainly because they were quick and fresh.

The PowerPage Has Lost Power

I can't recall the exact timeframe, but I'm going to estimate it was in early 2000 ... the PowerPage went through a major overhaul. The new design was gorgeous. The reason I say "gorgeous" is because it was similar to my original design of my domain. :-) The forums worked great. The stories were still fresh.

I contributed to several stories there.

Then, in 2003, I was contacted by Jason O' Grady through email and told I was copying the artwork on the mainpage with a logo that looked like this:

And here is my original logo:

Within a month or two of this email, the Powerpage went down often, new designs started popping up and then would be taken down.

Here is one of those redesigns:

Then, out of the blue, the current design hit:

What happened?

Along with this design (that has been in place for over a year now) came forum problems. Many posts to the comments and forums sections would show up randomly. Many others were deleted. Many sections were deleted. The Powerpage's news became recycled or old hat. Most of the reviews started to be of products that had been out for MONTHS. Each page focused more on annoying flashing gif animation ads than content. As of a few days ago - comments have been eliminated completely.

Take this current story in the picture above. The iPod Shuffle "take apart" was floating around just about every major website on Monday jan 17 ... this story was posted Saturday jan 22

The website tries to steal elements from slashdot ... using the "from the ________ dept"

The current logo and design is horriffic.

The main reviews are of PowerBook totes and carriers. (As in luggage)

Most of the user submitted reviews or stories are filled with incorrect instructions, specifications... or the just lack important details. Many of the "how to's" can not be repeated because the writer missed an important instruction.

Look how [the new logo] says the "8th Anniversay" - yet the copyright says 1995 - 2004

Add in this year - Isn't that 10 years? Wouldn't you celebrate a 10 year (decade) anniversary over an 8 year??

There are common errors such as the ones circled.

Now, let me back up and say ... I realize I have grammar mistakes -lots of them - all over Jackwhispers. But, and here's the big B-U-T, I don't have the sponsors that The Powerpage seems to have. It is shameful to have such a site and garner ANY sponsorship. The companies that advertise on the Powerpage should be infuriated.

The Powerpage also bothers me a little - now that I have found a connection between Jason O' Grady and Think Secret's Nick Ciarelli (see below).

The Powerpage - which briefly became is considered a business venture/client of The Deplume Organization. In other words - Jason O' Grady of the Powerpage (whose site has gone down the toilet in the past year) is somehow related to all of this. The Powerpage WAS issued a subpoena for involvement in the "dispensing of trade screts" as well - it was just Think Secret that is being sued though.

I have despised the Powerpage over the last two years as well for making up rumors or posting rumors just to get hit totals up. The Powerpage sponsors should also be suspicious of this as well.

Frequently, the Powerpage is criticized for it's story content by forum posters on

[UPDATE] I've had to delete two comments (obviously made by Jason O'Grady) that were profane and childish. They said nothing more than "get a life ... get some original content" Wow ... this story couldn't be more original ... but I can say this ... it is the murmur of the web ... The PowerPage has lost its power!

Friday, September 16, 2005

No Mah Bahstan! Fahget About It!

As reported by

Macworld Expo Boston Canceled
Friday September 16, 2005 07:40 PM EST

ZDNet reports that IDG has canceled Macworld Expo Boston, which was next scheduled for July 10 to 13, 2006. Attendance and interest in the Boston event have lagged ever since Apple withdrew from attending, which in turn was a result of IDG moving the east coast Expo from New York to Boston in 2004.
"We did it for two years in Boston without Apple," said spokesman Mike Sponseller. However, he said, in talking with exhibitors and others, it became clear that there was not enough demand for future shows. Sponseller said the final decision to cancel the event was made Friday.

Ha ... it really had nothing to do with the show moving to Boston ... it just ended up being a blessing. Apple didn't go to Boston Expo for the same reason MacWorld moved from New York .... cost.

Apple was able to move summer announcemants to a more important event - World Wide Developers Conference ... and wow did we get an interesting keynote this year!

Apple also has over 100 stores in place around the country where it can hold individual consumer events in tandem with press releases now!

Save Nick vs Save Apple

Here's an exchange I made in the Macrumors forum earlier today:

EvilMole Said:

The golden rule in law is that the accuser has to prove its accusations, not assume them

FixYourThinking said:

Wrong ... I have to have suspects first ... that's why they call them suspects.

I could have all the evidence in the world and it still does not command guilt or innocence ... that's why there is a jury system. Apple has enough proof that this was trade secret information. Receiving AND reporting on such are against the law.

Yes, the point of origin may be an Apple employee ... but the end result is that this is STOLEN information and Think Secret, AppleInsider, and The PowerPage are TRAFFICING STOLEN INFORMATION. They are breaking a law that supercedes the shield law, and ... just to be bratty ... they are NOT journalists.

EvilMole Said:

Oh yawn. It's nothing to do with enemies.

FixYourThinking said:

"Wrong again .. you don't know this and have no way to back that up... my hunch is IT IS enemies ... those involved in the reseller lawsuit perhaps .... perhaps Creative ... who declared "War on the iPod" "

Below, you will find a recent post I made to the Macrumors website concerning this issue.

Here is the petition started by FixYourThinking:

To: Apple Computer

The following represent the level headed Mac faithful who do not appreciate Nick Ciarelli of Think Secret. We understand, by definition, that Nick was outside the bounds of the constitution and outside the limits of journalism. Rumormongering such as Think Secret publishes is harmful to Apple. We understand that "Trade Secret" is important to Apple's business model. We would like Apple to pursue this litigation to send a message to any developer, Apple employee, or industry insider, or beta tester that breach of contract [by breaking your Non Disclosure Agreement] is very serious. We also represent potential customers - we feel such litigation may ease future need for litigation against others who try to take advantage of Apple at our expense (by higher prices). Further, we represent Apple shareholders. As shareholders we believe Think Secret sets financial expectations too high by mixing credible and ficticious rumors, that stock market analysts and major news sources, quote and misquote. This is often detrimental to Apple's stock and quarterly forecasts.


Here is the petition started by John Eldridge:

To: Apple Computer

We implore Apple to withdraw legal action against 19-year old student Nicholas Ciarelli and his Web site, Think Secret. We urge all sides in the dispute to seek an alternative way to resolve their problem, and beg Apple not to value its corporate interest above the first amendment rights of journalists to report information. Surely in this case Think Secret has served to draw attention to Apple's new products, helping to generate massive publicity. This is a David and Goliath fight, we implore Apple not to use its power against an individual that has so little power with which to defend themself.


Posted by someone named RodRod at MacRumors:

One of your main conclusions is that ThinkSecret's publishing of rumors hurts Apple stock. As this is contrary to empirical evidence, what are you left with?

As petition signatory #38 states, "I think apple should pursue those that broke their NDA's not Nick dePlume. I am an apple shareholder. I have seen apple's ahres skyrocket this past year. the rumors help. haven't you heard the old addage, buy on rumor. sell on fact. nick's work helps apple."

As petition signatory #75 states, "Because a web based petition created by a smeghead apple sycophant in South Carolina is really going to motivate Apple Inc. to persecute a young adult for exposing their panties."

This lawsuit helps Apple's relations with developers. The message the lawsuit sends, and the one point on which both supporters and detractors of the lawsuit agree, is that Apple takes NDAs very seriously. In other words, the message is, "don't violate your NDA."

---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

Stock data FOR THIS QUARTER is skewed due to iPod holiday sales. Look at the stock and the inventory problems Apple has just before expos. Why do you think Apple is TRYING VERY HARD to get away from expo only announcements? Because - if they had continued, the rumor sites would continue to steal any thunder that Apple had at all. Also, Apple is in a unique position in the computer industry right now - where anything they do can ride the success of the iPod. Other companies are literally falling ALL OVER rumor sites trying to find out anything they can - it's nothing short of corporate espionage.

As for the dozen or so fake signatures that are on the petition; there are literally hundreds on the "save nick petition" that are fake. Steve Ballmer & Bill Gates signed it too with similar [ faked ] hate messages.

I knew when I created it - that it was somewhat flamebait. But the "save nick" petition is the most ridiculous thing I have seen come out of this debate. (what does his being a college student and being 19 have anything to do with the issue; for instance?)

Investigation doesn't equal Solicitation
The Press investigates & reports, Think Secret solicits & reports

It may NOT be right for Apple to pursue this from a PR perspective, but business is not about PR and it's not about bottom lines. It's all about integrity and responsibility. Any business that has those two characteristics will be a success no matter what market revelation.

Shame on Think Secret and shame on any one who agrees what they have done is ethically or legally appropriate. And certainly; shame on Think Secret for making Apple customers even discuss this issue to begin with.

You don't have to pay $$ to bribe someone

To some gossipers - being the source of the information is payment

I don't think many who consider Think Secret in the clear, are considering the points that I have brought up in this forum or others. It bothers me that Think Secret became a lot more accurate just as Elite Computers and Macadam declared "WAR ON APPLE". It bothers me that Think Secret has initimate knowledge of this lawsuit. It bothers me that Think Secret mixes obviously true stories like this, partially true stories like the MacMini, and completely inaccurate rumors like iPod Mini's with 2GB and starting at $99. It bothers me that they are unlike ANY OTHER rumor site that seems to report gossip. Instead Think Secret quotes sources as "deep with inside Apple" They also solicit for rumors via a phone number. You HAVE to know that anyone who gives such information is under NDA. sometimes bases rumors on reader submissions of patents and FCC approvals - I see nothing wrong with that. Macrumors also aggregates rumors - I see nothing wrong with that. Macrumors sometimes makes guesses based on release dates and refresh periods - again - I see nothing wrong with that.

As Mac lovers - we are all being taken advantage of because we are so interested in Apple that we cease to have any respect to their right to privacy and corporate integrity.

This debate has been bastardized into a freedom of speech - constitutional issue. This is the same type of misrepresentation that goes on with the separation of church and state. Many leave out the "free exercise thereof" part. Yet others, apply this part of the sentence to the freedom of speech clause.

Let's see that ammendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This says, Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

Where does it say in there, "there are no consequences for what you say" or "words, business plans, product information are NOT property" or "if someone tells you something you have the right to report it without impunity" Where? Anyone? Please, where?

Here's the word rumor from the dictionary:

rumor (as in "gossip") v. : tell or spread rumors;

Gossip is often slanderous is it not? Gossip is often false or misleading or inaccurate, is it not?

Here's the word libel from the dictionary:

libel (as in "defame") v. : make slanderous statements against; "The paper was accused of libeling him"

Interesting that the dictionary uses this example. It shows the press is not immune from their reporting. They are free to report it; if they use legal means to acquire and investigate the issue at hand.

Come on people; is Think Secret really the press? Are they not providing traffic for stolen property? In this instance - the information acquired is embargoed by Non Disclosure Agreement. Do they have the right to pass it on if they know it to be embargoed? Does Apple not have the right to trade secret privacy?

If Apple or Steve Jobs were involved in some sort of corporate scandal, I could understand someone [ maybe even Think Secret ] reporting on it. This is not scandalous information, it is not news, it's not even rumormongering - plain and simple - it's theft and trafficing of stolen property!

If I feared this was a 1st ammendment issue, I wouldn't even remotely consider typing anything about this. I would fear that MY 1st ammendment rights may be in jeopardy because of the editorial commentary I make in my ramblings on this website.

I found the blurb below interesting from the previous Jackwhispers story posted. As I cut and pasted the new story here, I decided to leave this infomation:


"copyright law prohibits the substantial use of a copyrighted work without permission of the copyright owner"

See the FixYourThinking BLOG Archive for January 2005 for separate, more detailed articles:

January 2005 BLOG Archive

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Is It A Sin To Buy A Mac?

This is by far my favorite story posted on this site - this was the first story where I felt like I was a real "reporter" and started to feel like this site does have something unique to say ... on occasion.

I started on this story some time ago. The more I read, the more interesting this story got to me. Originally, it was to focus around a controversy that I never knew Apple was involved in; with the Church Of Satan. Since then, I've found two similar stories that I would like to gather into the weaving of this story.

Many websites concerning the subjects of this story have posted briefly on the topic, but it's hard to understand what the "real story" is.

December 28, 2000:

Apple asks the Church Of Satan to remove the "Made With A Macintosh Badge" and the parody "Think Different Poster" featuring the founder of the Church Of Satan; Anton Szandor LaVey.

Here's an excerpt from The Church Of Satan in response to Apple's Cease & Decist order:

"To repeat, our parody of the “Think Different” ad is, to my knowledge, within our rights to create and display, and the gentle mockery and good humor of this has been noted by many who visit our site, which has thus in our experience brought additional public goodwill towards APPLE Marks, not a tarnishing of them. We, as proud users of Apple products, are doing our best to support Apple Computer, as we have done in the past through word of mouth.

The question you may need to answer is: “Why does Apple Computer accept many grassroots efforts by the proud users of their products, yet in this case seems to be attempting to silence our efforts to be part of this support by claiming that we may be tarnishing the claimed goodwill supposedly associated with APPLE Marks and products?” If your reasoning stems from Apple’s possible prejudicial judgments against the philosophies of the Church of Satan, I would like to point out that the lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union who have worked with us on cases of religious discrimination would perhaps find this to be a matter worthy of their attention. Also, it occurs to me that this issue may also be of interest to other users of Macintosh products, and the Church of Satan has access to many journalists in all forms of media who might find this particular exchange to be newsworthy."

The reason The Church Of Satan identified so well with Apple Computer, besides the ease of use and the creative inspiration they embody, is because of the logo:

It is also amusing to us that this company uses as a corporate logo an apple with a bite taken from it, which certainly appears to be a reference to that other famous apple. We have not forgotten that forbidden fruit, which would impart knowledge of Good and Evil, offered to Eve in that mythical garden by none other than the serpent, an avatar of Satan himself. Is it not then strange that they seem to fear the admiration of the Church of Satan?"

This couldn't be further from the truth. I had my own theory about the Apple logo, but I decided to do some research. The website MacNYT did a very complete story on the history of the Apple Computer logo in February 2002. The official word is (as reported):

"Mollerup, has in fact, had an official explanation from Apple (referenced in his report to The Apple Legal Department, 17th of August 1994) on the meaning of the trademark, which reads as follows:

• The name starts with an A, and is therefore at the top of many catalogs

• Normally you wouldn't associate an apple with computers, and therefore the logo is easily remembered

• The apple causes good feelings. It's non-threatening and causes associations to health. "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away", goes an old proverb."

This makes the most sense to me; particulary because it is a similar reason I chose the name "applepeople" for my company. I knew I would always be close to the top of any alphabetically ordered lists.

My explanation, from my Apple sources, was that it represented education and knowledge as it related to "The Teacher's Apple" and to the story of Sir Issac Newton. Steve Jobs knew that education would be the first and most important inroad to make with marketing.

This story goes something like this:

Newton was under an apple tree, making observations about the sky, writing them down ... an apple falls from the tree and hits him in the head ... he takes a bite ... he then wonders what force/principle of nature made the apple fall and then the bite to fall to his stomach ... thus the theory of gravity was born." The apple in this story was seen as the catalyst for discovery and knowledge. Did you know that the original Apple logo wasn't an apple at all?

When the Apple logo went from the above representation of Newton to the Apple logo - it didn't even have a bite taken out of it. The logo was solid red - it was changed (again officially stated) to differentiate it from a Tomato. (The original logo was red)

My opinion is that The Church Of Satan, as much as I disagree with their philosophy, have a right to post the "Made with a Mac" badge, but not to make a "Think Different" poster. This would relate Apple to The Church Of Satan and give the impression of an endorsement - that said, The Ghandi: Think Different Ad is, in a sense, endorsing his beliefs. (But I suppose that's a stretch.) I do find this quote from Mahatma Ghandi to provide an interesting perspective on this story:

"If it weren't for Christians, I'd be a Christian."

So here's where we get into the controversial part of this article. This has always been an issue of concern to me; Apple's gay community connection. Many gay and lesbian groups used to identify with the older rainbow colored Apple logo. Some of my clients are churches and I live in the Bible Belt of South Carolina. Some of my clients are gay and lesbian as well. These two "phenonmenon" clash sometimes in the heads of Christians.

As an Apple technician, I was often asked if the rainbow in the Apple logo did associate with the gay pride flag. I don't think it would be a stereotype to say that the average gay likes Macs. Macs tend to be in creative fields and advertising - so do gay men and lesbians. A church leader may see the older Apple logo as endorsing a "sin".

The rainbow actually was a contrast to the IBM logo, which was also called "Big Blue". The IBM logo was designed as a seperation between white collar and blue collar workers. The Apple logo was to contrast to this - everybody will want to use an Apple Computer - not just business - after all the Apple II was the first commercially viable/successful personal computer on the market. Further, it represented the Apple I and II's color capabilities. I'm sure we've all heard the stereotype, "Yeah ... Macs are good for graphics I hear."

So ... while researching the two of these connections I stumbled on this website.(Link no longer active)

Geez, where have I been the last couple of years? I never heard any of this stuff mentioned, but it was on several different Mac websites. The site [was] essentially a ripping apart of Apple Computer as seen from a "supposedly Christian" perspective. The site had lengthy descriptions of how Apple Computers are tools of the devil. Here are the proposals of the site as written by a Dr. Richard Paley:

"The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called... Darwin! That's right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an "Open Source" license, which is just another name for Communism. They try to hide all of this under a facade of shiny, "lickable" buttons, but the truth has finally come out: Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism."

"Founded by long haired hippies, this company has consistently supported 60's counter-cultural "values". But there are even darker undertones to this company than most are aware of. Consider the name of the company and its logo: an apple with a bite taken out of it. This is clearly a reference to the Fall, when Adam and Eve were tempted with an apple3 by the serpent. It is now Apple Computers offering us temptation, thereby aligning themselves with the forces of darkness."

This company is well known for its cult-like following. It isn't much of a stretch to say that it is a cult. Consider co-founder and leader Steve Jobs' constant exhortation through advertising (i.e. mind control) that its followers should "think different". We have to ask ourselves: "think different than whom or what?" The disturbing answer is that they want us to think different than our Christian upbringing, to reject all the values that we have been taught and to heed not the message of the Lord Jesus Christ!"

"Apparently the Darwin OS is not the original creation of Apple Computers but is instead based off of an older, obsolete OS called "BSD Unix". The child-indoctrinatingly-cute cartoon mascot of this OS is a devil holding a pitchfork (pictured right)."

I could paste lots more of this pretty thorough article, but I'll let you read the rest; except for this one bit:

"Apparently anti-Christian zealots -- as well as shocked Christians who have unwittingly become Mac owners -- are linking to this article, which explains the large number of emails we have received on this topic."

The Truth Is: many internet surfers have been unwittingly duped by an atheist organization called Landover Baptist This website and organization claim to be a "radical fundamentalist Christian organization". Listening to or reading one of the sermons, on the website, is shocking. But, there is just the right amount of truth - just as you see on the Christian Objective site that denounces Apple Computers as tools of the devil - to make it believeable.

The Christian Objective site, spearheaded by the ficticional leader named Dr. Richard Paley, isn't listed ANYWHERE (on the site) as a parody. It mixes, in my eye, just the right amount of truth and analysis to make it believable. But the catch is - it's not truthful if you really dig.

Who Is Record for Registered in Virginia

Jesussave Objective Christian Project Registered in Nevada

These are actually the same organization, eventhough, the who is records are dramatically different. The Cafe Shops storefront is registered to the same organization. The "Objective Christian" site is nothing more than a facade to create controversy over Landover Baptist's site. The site builds controversy - denouncing the Landover Baptist Church - making you curious enough to visit the site. How clever!

Many suspected that Jack was doing the same thing with JackWhispers [The founding name of this website]. On the original site, in the forums, I was accused of being Jack and creating controversy around his products. They claimed I was having, what I call, the "eminem effect" - buying something just to see if the controversy/denouncement is truthful. (This is yet another reason I transferred this domain to my own, there could be no mistaking who was posting these stories)

Back to Landover Baptist: So, the site itself says in the terms of service that it is a parody site. Cliff Harper, know as Reverend Fred, the site's webmaster/preacher, often performs at atheist rallies in Washington DC. However, the Christian Objective site has no disclaimer. This turns the "untruthful words of caution" on the Christian Objective site into libel. Many non critical thinkers and congregations might use the information from this site for sermon information and reference. I know that a lot of churches in my area think along the same lines as the website words; "hippies forcing godlessness, subtly introducing evil to our children, etc".

To further discredit/disprove the Christian Objective site, not a single person on the site can be found anywhere else on Google, Yahoo, US Search, or MSN searches. Usually, if you have been on the internet more than 2 years you have at least SOMETHING about you out there. The name adzoox has 20 pages! I've been on the internet though since 1992.

I'm really surprised Apple never did anything about the site. The reason, I would presume, is that they didn't want to draw any attention to it for just the reasons I mentioned here: some might get an ounce of truth out of it and might investigate Steve Jobs and other executives behaviour, turning Apple Computer into a "Monica Lewinsy scandal" (which according to books I have read; Steve Jobs life is compareable to Clinton's.)

The real issue here to me though; is this: This site makes Christians look like idiots. Maybe, in your eye, you see Christians this way, but there is no excuse to have such a demeaning site pass off as being intellectual and preying on the hearts of people. Landover Baptist crosses the line, but their "sister site" borders on being criminal and is definitely evil in intent and purpose. While researching this story I found another legitimate, but misguided, site claiming a similar claim. Would others see this as corroboration to fact?
In my research, I also found this article at MacObserver. Be careful, I even started to think, "Wow, maybe there is a connection!"

[UPDATE] My take on the MacObserver link is this: they say it was exactly 200% above cost. I say it goes along the lines of common pricing schemes: Weren't a lot of things in the 60's and 70's priced at .66 and .77, and some things in the 80's priced at .88? I know that from my research on a past JackWhispers article that pricing changed to .97 and .99 in the late 80's and 90's - this was a pavlov training to make people think things were on sale or below whole amounts - ie - A car under twenty thousand is $19999.99.) This would also be in line with inflation. $666.66 would be about $3000 in today's computer market - hmmm .... that's what the top of the line G5 is.

* If the Mt. Fellowship Church, that sponsors this website, and that has a Christian Academy is so big and has all the members it says it does - then WHERE is the website for the church? For that matter, why isn't there an address or phone number for the church? The church doesn't exist - that's why!

* Value Web/Affinity web hosting hosts the Objective website - they referred me to their attorney - here is the interesting (because of the date - which is today) autoresponse I got:

"I have received your e-mail.  Please note that after March 15, 2004 I will no longer be monitoring this e-mail box, nor handling these matters for Affinity.  Please direct future correspondence to Christopher Manfre at  Should your e-mail need action prior to March 15, 2004, I will respond accordingly.

David Snead"

* From the Objective Ministries website:

"There have been some questions as of late on why we moved our web-site. As stated, it was due to our previous host's lack of strong condemnation of triclavianism" A call to the former ISP ( says, "it was over issues of falsified/inappropriate content and has nothing to do with triclavinism ... we suspected it was Landover Baptist - they falsely applied for free Christian web site hosting from us."

Not a single email address is active on the site. The majority of ads are inactive. The site was updated on March 8, 2004, but many elements are outdated.

Cogent Communications 1015 31st Street, NW Washington DC 20007 US - Hmm - an ISP near Landover's / hosted on the same network as Landover's - interesting. [ results]

Are the images being used in the "article" copyrighted?

* I found this webpage at Positive Atheism:

* Though there are lots of grammatical errors this sites observations should pretty much seal it up for you that the Objective site is a parody by Landover. (In particular, read that the webmaster's old site; is still up!)

I believe in the right of free speech, I think the Landover site has a place on the internet. I do not believe that the Objective site does. I am working hard to have the ISP shut them down. They also can not keep moving from ISP to ISP ( I have counted 3 within 2 years) It should be made known to all ISPs not to host them, anyone that does should be treated just like any other ISP hosting illegal websites - fined and/or jailed.

No one has been able to find the truth about this site until me! ;)

[UPDATE] On March 31, 2009 this story appeared on the internet:

I invented the Apple logo

Stupid CEO Tricks

(Photo Courtesy of JustAnotherBLOG)

I've never considered Scott McNealy - Sun Microsystems CEO to be one of the best CEO's ever, but ... this kinda hits it home for me.

Apparently, Sun's Scott McNealy authorized this plane to fly over Dell headquarters yesterday.


Here's an interesting tidbit I found that relates to Scott McNealy from the wikipedia biography of Steve Jobs:

... Jobs railed against Sun Microsystems as an Evil Empire while at NeXT. Later, after NeXT's hardware division was dropped, Jobs and Sun Microsystems' Scott McNealy introduced OPENSTEP together.

And for those who are interested ... Sun is the originator, developer, and distributor of the Java programming language. Last night's Java update solved a number of Mac OS X problems (it's a common occurence that Java is the cause of MANY Mac OS problems) ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bad Bees Buzzling???

... Not much to really comment about on this story, as it pretty much speaks for itself. It does fit into the general theme here.

I will post this litigation in the "Your Rights, The Law, & Litigation Section

Australian Apple Reseller Buzzle Claims Apple Responsible For Demise; Files Suit

From the article @ The Australian:

APPLE Computer faces a $57million lawsuit from the liquidator of the collapsed retail chain Buzzle, who claims Apple was effectively in control of the company and instrumental in its rapid demise.

Buzzle, the subject of the ABC documentary Going Public, went into receivership in March 2001; owing $30 million to 866 creditors. Apple, its major supplier, was owed $20 million.

It is interesting that they owe 865 creditors 10 million dollars ... this may mean they owe some creditors as little as $100. What scum!!!


The Mac Support Store Supporting The Spread Of Viruses!


Late last week I reported on a PC based email virus that was AFFECTING (not infecting) Macs ...

I have received 1000's of "junk email" / SPAM that appear as "Undeliverable Messages" or bounced emails. It seems a virus is attacking various email database programs. Each time a new email address is "acquired by the virus" it adds it to a list. So, if one person is infected and that person has 10 people in their email contacts database - I am then emailed the same message from those 10 people - then it grows exponentially until ... finally someone stops it by removing it from their computer.

Here are two interesting obsevations:

Apparently Adaptec Customer Service was infected - Adaptec is the parent/branch company of Roxio - makers of Toast CD Authoring Softwareand SCSI inteface cards for the Mac & PC and most recently the Napster music download service (That is being trounced by iTunes)

I have gotten several messages from Adaptec customer service stating that a return I made in 2000, for a recalled cable; was shipping via Fed Ex.

Yesterday ... I received a message from Adaptec apologizing for the emails. Apologizing? My customer information was compromised!!!

Before I comment here's another interesting note:

I also received a similar message from The Mac Support Store.

This message stated that I could sign up for email lists and find out which email lists I am subscribed to at the Mac Support Store. I have never signed up for anything, bought anything, or asked that The Mac Support Store send me email. In fact, I have requested on 3 separate occasions that I be removed from ALL email correspondence from this company with a shady CEO.

Check out the original story I posted on The Mac Support Store here

The interesting thing about both of these emails is .... they were sent from a "junk email marketing" program called Lyris List Manager. Here is the support chart for Lyris List Manager:

Supported Platforms:

Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server
(Note: Windows 2003 Server Web edition is not supported for Microsoft SQL server, as Microsoft SQL Client Tools cannot be installed on this platform.)

Linux Red Hat, ES, AS, & WS versions 2.1 & 3.0 (Fedora core is not supported)

Solaris for SPARC 8, 9 & 10
(Note: ListManager for Solaris & Oracle uses the Oracle 9i 32 bit client tools. These tools may be downloaded from:

Interesting ... had The Mac Support Store actually supported Macs with their junk email servers or had Adaptec / Roxio actually been using Macs ... it looks like none of this would have happened.

Has anyone ever thought of suing someone for having an insecure database of their personal information? For all I know, the 600+ email messages I am getting a day from this "virus that is infecting PCs" originated from these two companies!

[UPDATE] I have read through a number of the "viral emails" I have received to see if I could find more recognizable domains. I also found this domain: Hmmmm .... on this page they claim to be network security experts. I have always found this claim in the Windows world to be an oxymoron and in some ways ... false advertising. Would you trust a company with your network security that can't even maintain the security of their own network?

[UPDATE II] Seems the majority of these messages originate from a virus started by V.I.P. Pharmaceuticals which has the completely
;-) ;-) innocent domain name ...

And whatta you know ... the domain was registered on the SAME DAY these emails started ...

From whois domain name owner information:

Created On:29-Aug-2005 06:48:36 UTC
Last Updated On:05-Sep-2005 18:24:25 UTC
Expiration Date:29-Aug-2006 06:48:36 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:R159-LRMS
Tech Name:Andrzej Chramiec
Tech State/Province:GDANSK WRZESZCZ
Tech Postal Code:80236
Tech Country:PL
Tech Phone:+48.583402626

I don't understand ... if I can find this information out so easily (eventhough I know how to research it) ... why can't these people be stopped sooner than they are?


Monday, September 12, 2005

General Thoughts & Comments About Hurricane Katrina: Relating To Mac Users!

I said I'd make a followup post to my thoughts about Hurricane Katrina ...

I'll just give you a bullet list of some things that have piqued my interest:

1) Apple fansites / Mac centic websites have raised A LOT of money for the Red Cross - I can count $500,000+ from sites I visit regularly. That doesn't include what Apple has been able to collect. But get this ... the FEMA website only allows Windows Internet Explorer Users (Explorer 6.0 & higher) to register for assistance via the web. Read more about this ridiculous circumstance here

2) I have been interested in the radical theory / conspiracy theory angle of this tragedy. Of particular interest, has been that this storm was Category 3 and would have remained that way had not a secret weapon used by the Japanese mafia to focus and strengthen this storm!!! This is kind of the reverse angle from; current technology might be able to weaken hurricanes before they hit land. I would be skeptical of what damage "STOPPING" mother nature would have.

3) Many have blamed our President for a slow response ... yet I saw a schoolyard of 100's (yes 100's) of school buses that were toppled and destroyed. Why weren't these school buses used for evacuation? The mayor HIMSELF should have been on the bus, with a bull horn, demanding people come out of their homes and get on the bus or get a citation for "something". Individuals who wished to stay ... should have had to sign away their rights to be assisted on the spot. There have been warnings for YEARS about the potential of such a storm, funding has been provided by a magnitude of FIVE TIMES MORE by THIS President than ANY other; to strengthen levies ... nothing has been done and funds have been misappropriated. There was even a warning placed the week BEFORE by several meteorologists that this MAY BE THE YEAR!!

4) I am displeased with the Mac websites that felt it necessary to take advantage of people to gain sales for their products by claiming to contribute portions of sales to the Red Cross. I'm pleased with websites that chose to provide links or sort of affiliate totals for Red Cross giving.

5) Gas prices in my area rose unecessarily and this should be investigated. The price you see oil at today is the price three months from now. It could be $100 a barrel and still not affect prices each gas station has to pay; today! We had a local oil magnate come on television and proclaim that he would not profit from gasoline for "at least a week" ... what a crock ... his prices were outrageous (and in line) with all the other gas stations. (By the way, prices for gas in my state are the cheapest in the country and rose to some of the highest!) I also hope that cash price vs credit price will be investigated as well. It is not legal to make a distinction such as this by FEDERAL LAW! (Although this is a real gray area <--- click to read)

6) I hope these "transfer trailers" full of goodies for hurricane victims are being monitored. Some of them look suspiciously like "trailers of profit" to me and look to be scams. In other words ... personal collections to sell. I put a note in a pair of short pants that I donated that said, "Bless you and your family if you received this free ... shame on you and the seller who sold it to you!"

7) I'm not that pleased that my area has decided to take several hundred of these people in ... I welcome the honest and needy ... I abhor that we have essentially taken in gypsies and theives (This is HONESTLY who was left in New Orleans) Yes, I have seen a number of the refugees.

8) I hope everyone remembers to give in a few months or even 30 days from now!!! From what I hear ... nothing will even START to be done until the end of October!

9) Don't feel like you're contributing ... currently; $62 billion worth of federal relief = $2066.00 per tax payer in the USA.

10) The devastation caused by this hurricane is astonishing ... but, is anyone reminded of two common people on this website when thinking of the New Orleans mayor who stated ... "Greater than 10,000 people are feared dead." ... While one death is too many ... looks like fewer than 700 total are dead.

That's my thoughts ... I tried to relate them to the Mac Universe as best I could and provide you with a slightly different perspective than you might read elsewhere. Even if you have no God, pray for the people that lost their homes and loved ones; daily!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

PC Virus Not Infecting Macs - But Affecting Macs ... Yes!

Have any of you seen this problem in your email?

I am investigating the implications of this problem; as it seems to be a PC virus that is spreading rapidly. At the moment, I am getting about 8 such messages a minute. It is NOT a Mac OS virus or a Mac OS problem - I have Yahoo Mail and read it via in Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.

I have checked my mail via the online Yahoo Mail reader and my inbox fills with these type of messages almost as soon as I delete them.

It's been going on for over a week now. I haven't seen any major Computer news outlet talking about it. Ironically, it seems to have started right about the day Hurricane Katrina hit. Hmmmmm .........

I can't tell if I have truly bounced a message or put in the wrong email address or not - as all mail looking like this is going to junk now.

If you read the message - most have a lot of garble at the top - but then seem to be advertisements for Viagra and Cialis.

[UPDATE] Kinda clairvoyant that I posted this with a major article coming out today about Mac Users being foolish for thinking they are immune to viruses ...

I'll let you look at a comment I made at Slashdot for details:

I will point my finger towards THIS GUY and THIS GUY - because - they seem to be egging people on.

It's great to be aware ... not so great to cause the paranoid population to be cautious!

How Google & GEICO may have just settled a common argument w/ third party Apple Developers & Apple Fan Sites.

GEICO insurance, the ever annoying auto insurance ad company and Google settled a major lawsuit yesterday out of court.

The lawsuit was over Google allowing other competing advertisers to use the word "GEICO" in their advertisements.

Google ADsense works on the premise that an advertiser chooses keywords to advertise with. For instance; if I'm on a page with iPod Nano news from yesterday, I am most likely to see the Google ADsense area filled with "free iPod" ads or possibly even iPod repair/battery upgrade services.

GEICO's contention was that Google was allowing a keyword that was trademarked, to be used as a means of advertising. GEICO believed that it's competition was trying to capitalize on it's name and therefore associate their services with GEICO's - almost as if they were affiliated with GEICO.

The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed settlement - it is surmised Google paid out a good sum of money.


Bill Palmer uses (and has used) the words iLounge, iPodLounge, etc in his advertsing for iPodGarage & LoadPod. I have heard rumblings through grapevines that a similar dispute was made by iPodLounge over their name being used in meta tags.

Here are the META TAGS from LOADPOD.COM ( A Bill Palmer Joint ):

{ META name="keywords" content="LoadPod, load pod, iPod, i pod, i-pod, iPod loading, iPod load, load iPod, iPod CD loading, iPod help, CDs into iPod, CD's into iPod, CD collection into iPod, iPod rip, iPod ripping, iPod CD ripping, nationwide, local, service, iPod Garage, iPod CD collection, iTunes, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Bill Palmer, iTunes Music Store, MP3, AAC, MP3 player, AAC format, iPod User Group, iPod Party, iPod illiterate, ipodlounge, ipod lounge, ipodhacks, ipod hacks, businessweek, business week, New York, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, United States, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Canada" }

Wouldn't you say that Dennis Llyod of iLounge (formerly known as iPodLounge) has the same argument?

A similar case, with similar evidence, could be made for DVForge website(s) using Griffin, Belkin, and DLO as keywords. DVForge has even gone as far as advertising it's own competition - this was a ploy to use Griffin as a keyword "helper".

And, by the way, in case you're wondering ... the iPodGarage name and possibly even LOADPOD name are in violation of Apple's naming policy. Don't believe me ... ask why the name iPodLounge was changed yourself!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cold Heart or Cold Shoulder?


I have received a number of emails and requests from friends to post information concerning Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.

I do feel for the people that lost their homes and loved ones. I just feel there are enough efforts, reminders, and people crusading as it stands. I have done a small part by donating clothes and food to a local drive. That said, I will update this story on a different perspective to this tragedy later in the week.

If you want to read why I don't really feel the need to support this effort through mentioning it on my site, read this article from December 2004:


Tsunami Relief from the distributors of Sosumi

The Sosumi Sound of course is a system sound from Apple Computer's past.

Apple's front page this entire week has looked like this:

Hats off to Apple!

That said, after seeing this [below] on MacSlash, I felt obligated to remind some of the readers posting in the forums there:

Signs Of Corporate Conscience

someone caring writes "Links to aid donating to tsunami disaster relief are cropping up in a number of places. Some predictable places include the Yahoo and Google homepages. Less predictable location are large corporate homepages (Apple and Amazon) generally reserved for the latest and greatest product or service. I'm sure that every human heart feels sadness at a time like this. I just wasn't expecting to come across a sign that maybe there is such a thing a corporate conscience. Amazon and Apple you're class acts. I'm sure there are other example. Has anyone run across them? I wouldn't mind the list as a tiebreaker when I make a future purchasing decision."

FogCreek Software is donating half of all revenue this week to Oxfam. Although it's a small token, we're following their lead and donating half of MacSlash's ad and affilliate revenue from this week (Dec 26 - Jan 1) to Doctors Without Borders (Medicines sans Frontieres). Any Amazon purchases made through our amazon affiliate link helps those who are hurting in the aftermath of the tsunami, as do the ads displayed on the site.


My comment:

You must be careful though... (Score:1)

by adzoox on Thursday December 30, @09:40AM

Tugging at the heart strings is a common ploy to get business.

While I believe Apple and Amazon are sincere - anyone who joins in after this point may be just trying to bring their readers in by taking advantage of them.

A small cost to pay to get hit totals up!

Truthfully, I think it was this Tsunami Relief Page that Apple put up and got a lot of press over - the reason why so many are trying to make people think they have good will this time around...

I'm doing my part privately and anonymously. I would encourage my readers to do so as well!


Monday, September 05, 2005

Jobs Cancels His Job: Steve Jobs Keynote @ Apple Expo Paris Cancelled

There's nothing more to say about this really, but most of the Mac News websites are taking the day off - so you can say you heard it here first (well almost first):

As reported by Engadget:

Steve Jobs cancelled the keynote for this year’s Apple Expo in Paris. No official (or unofficial) word on what happened or why he won’t be doing his “Just one more thing” thing for us in France, but could it be that they’re just going to make all their big announcements at the press event they have scheduled for this coming Wednesday? Or are they just not ready to announce all those new iPods they’re working on? Not sure, but we do know that instead of a formal keynote Apple will be holding a more informal press conference with Jobs and other company execs.

Interesting, there may just be a scheduling conflict. Too many people try to read too much into Apple announcements! I have already seen a few forums suggesting this is related to Steve Job's cancer. Be careful Mac Web and "analysts" rumor can cause stock dips!

Here is the official Apple Expo Paris Link to the announcement: Apple Keynote Cancellation

Have a great Labor Day!

Take note; post offices, banks, and some gas stations are closed!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

HP CEO; Does damage control, but actually damages credibility instead

Photo Courtesy of iLounge

As reported by Engadget:

HP CEO reveals why they dropped the iPod

Posted Sep 1, 2005, 1:33 PM ET by Peter Rojas

HP’s new CEO explained for BusinessWeek how there’s a perfectly good explanation for why his company decided to stop selling HP-branded iPods: it’s because they couldn’t dominate, errr, lead the market they way they’d wanted to.

There is a false notion that the iPod was not profittable for HP or that HP wasn't making the same margin had they designed their own player.

There was no R&D, no real packaging costs.

The differentiation was the Tattoos, the windows centric marketing, and the distribution channel.

It was also self propogating for HP to have iTunes installed on HPs and for the iPod to work directly with HP printers.

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