Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why Did Everyone Miss This???

I didn't post this here because I thought that most every Mac website would have picked it up. But, they didn't.

Yesterday, Pirates Of Silicon Valley was released for the first time on DVD.

I had made my own homebrew VHS to DVD copy a long time ago. I had wondered if it was ever going to come out on DVD to stem the rampant piracy this movie sees.

It's truly a great movie about the history and beginnings of Apple Computer and Microsoft.

If you remember - Noah Wylie, who played Steve Jobs in this movie - came out at the Summer 1999 MacWorld Expo in place of Steve Jobs - for the keynote.

I thought this was very interesting ... Steve must have seen some merit in the way he was portrayed in the movie - which wasn't in the best light.


Anonymous said...

Philip - it was actually Macworld New York in 1999 where Noah Wylie came onto the stage. Quite amusing actually.

FYT said...

Cool - thanks for the correction. I'll change it now