Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We Speak; Apple Listens (but only for two days this year)

Two arguments about Apple that the PC Crowd have had since the late 90's are:

• Apple processors are slower - because Megahertz means Power

• Apple Mice only have one button and no scroll

Well, today Apple has officially quelled the complainers.

Apple is taking care of the Megahertz Myth by going to Intel Processors

And now Apple has officially introduced a 4 button, programmable, scroll mouse.

It is very innovative and I applaud Apple for keeping it simplistic and retro.

You can also switch the button configuration for left or right handed! It feels the same in both hands!

People who like the one button will not notice any difference, but people who want scroll and extra buttons now have it.

Expect a bluetooth version to follow soon.

[UPDATE] Bluetooth Apple Mouse released

See more about the new Apple Mouse called Mighty Mouse: here


Jack Campbell said...

Actually, neither we nor anyone in our channel are concerned about reduced sales of our market leading USB mouse. At $29.99, with a more traditionally recognized form factor, we appeal to a less techno-oriented buyer than does Apple's Mighty Mouse. As the Mac mini has brought more price conscious shoppers into the independent Apple reseller stores, our USB mouse sales have skyrocketed.

The high end shoppers will flock to the Mighty Mouse (I ordered two for myself, today). But there will always by a strong market at lower price points for a nicely Apple-like USB multi-button mouse. Plus, unlike Apple's marvel, ours has drivers availabel to provide complete button configurability all the way back to System 8.5.1. The Mighty Mouse requires OS X 10.4.2 in order to reconfigure the controls.

So, our price will remain solidly at $29.99. And, we expect continued rising sales, not reduced sales. In fact, channel demand has been so unexpectedly strong for our products over the past 3 to 4 months that we have not been able to keep up, leaving our own warehouse almost out of stock on everything we build. To me, that's the best sort of problem to have. And, it bodes well for the future of our company.

Again... you asked me not to post here. But, I figure that anytime you invoke my name or company name, it's a license to at least reply. Fair's fair, eh?

FYT said...

Actually ... you think rules don't apply to you ... so your posting is true to that statement.

Be real though Jack. Your mouse does not side scroll or diagonal scroll and the "preference pane" is compatible with 10.4.2 because it activates spotlight, dashboard, and expose features on the mouse.

The Mighty Mouse works in ANY operating system as a normal two button mouse with left/right and up/down scrolling - it can even even be used with USB OverDrive to completely configure it.