Monday, August 08, 2005

SuperDrives Not So Super?

"After purchasing 2 new Apple machines (a 12" PowerBook and a 1.42Ghz Mac Mini) with SuperDrives I was all excited. As time went on, the excitement faded with frustration as faulty firmware on the drive made it very picky about the media used. 90% of the media I had tried on this drive will detect as 2x media - nowhere close to the advertised burn speed (8x and 4x respectively)."

Apple has done very well at denying that there is an issue with these drives, however there is mounting evidence that these drives are well and truly crippled by the Apple shipped firmware. After discussing these issues with the manufacturer of the MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-835E drive, it became clear that this was caused by problems with Apple supplied firmware.

On the Apple discussion forums, there is a thread detailing the exact problems with more than 300 replies - many of these mirroring the frustrations of not being able to burn anywhere near the quoted specs of the devices purchased. I have now setup a petition that people may sign to collect something that cannot be ignored by Apple. Please point people who are having this issue to:

I shall be presenting this issue to Apple's Australian managers again in the near future, and would like this issue to be resolved by Apple by then. I can be contacted on the details for any questions you may need answering. (see linked page for email contact link)

I'll let all that speak for itself ... I have had this same issue with an iMac G5 Superdrive as it is the same type of notebook form factor drive found in PowerBooks and the Mac Mini.


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