Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Other World Computing From Another World When It Comes To Good PR


I saw this ad and explanation appear on the XLR8YourMac.com website:

DVForge (USB Mic Plug/Guitar Plug, Midi Keyboard) and Firewire Cased Superdrive sales - (From site sponsor OWC)
" DV Forge Blowout! Prices up to over 52% off retail!
Mic Plug - Connect an XLR Balanced Microphone via USB to your Mac for $19
Guitar Plug - Connect up your Guitar via USB to your Mac for $19.00!
GaragaKey - 37 Velocity Sensitive MIDI Keyboard Perfect for GarageBand-$79

Best Regards,

Lawrence R. O'Connor

Other World Computing "

Mike at XLR8YourMac then followed with this message:

(BTW - I didn't know anything about DVForge but after a couple of reader mails that mentioned they had read about the company filing for bankruptcy [which the DVForge press page denies] and concern over warranty and delivery, Larry at OWC replied they have the above items in OWC's stock and as listed in the OWC pages, they are providing the warranty, not DVForge. Larry also said the products they have were tested and approved by their own Music Guru Roger Adler. Larry also said "OWC did not engage on any of the other DV Forge products that were offered and promoted to OWC.")

I realize that OWC probably got a great deal on this inventory closeout from Jack Campbell and Company - but at ALL TIMES; integrity should be placed before monetary gain. OWC has officially lost all of my future business.

My best friend asked me if this was a wise decision. Wouldn't I take advantage of a great deal if Jack offered me some of the inventory? I talk about the SightFlex ( a DVForge product ) a lot and I have even sold a few. I have also sold a few The Mouse Mice. That said, this closeout sale has an aweful lot of controversy surrounding it - Larry O' Conner knows this and OWC have officially supported Jack Campbell and Company in one of the worst corporate shams I have ever seen.

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