Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh, One Of Those Statistics! iPodGarage Celebrates 10k posts; 6k from Bill Palmer, 2k from staff, 1k deleted, & 1k of actual posts from readers!

I thought it noteworthy to mention a blurb about a press release I saw today ...

The iPod Garage Forums saw their ten thousandth post this week, as new members continue to pour into the Forums left and right looking for iPod and iTunes help and discussion.

The Forums at the iPod Garage are quickly becoming one of the most popular iPod-related Forums on the internet, and we look forward to thousands more new members as we head into the latter part of 2005.

Note that any story that has comments has at least 50% - 60% posts from Bill Palmer (site owner) and another 10% - 20% from James Monahan (a site groupie & site writer) and other "staff members at iPod Garage"

Also note the stretch made at the end of this press release - "..and we look forward to thousands more new members" The extrapolation that 1000's of members are making these thousands of posts!

I have received literally dozens of emails from people telling me that their posts have been deleted when they challenged anything iPodGarage/ Bill Palmer had to say. I know that around the time I posted a story on him .... 10 or so of my posts were deleted.

This is yet another "hyped statistic" thrown our way from Bill Palmer. And yes, I am a depraved lunatic for pointing it out!

I would like to add a quick note. While doing research and interviews for last week's story about Jack Campbell & Company; most everyone of importance in the Apple world thinks Bill Palmer is a loon and praised me for my exposure of him on this site. Now, there is a statistic about iPodGarage you can actually verify.


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Anonymous said...

bill's latest attempt at using a sad situation to boost his own ego...


I posted this comment to the above news item then he banned me ...for asking a legitimate question...

"nice initiative, but "one of the world's leading?" ...really?