Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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As reported by The Unoffocial Apple Weblog

Last week, it was reported that the Henrico County Public School system in Virginia was dumping iBooks for $50 each. Many of you made clear your plans to try for one, some of you even stating you were planning to drive from miles and miles away just to get a shot.

Turns out that's not such a bright idea, folks. As many readers pointed out, these iBooks are low-end 500MHz G3 models and they've been used and abused by high-school students for a whole year. Local technicians familiar with these machines have even chimed in to say that most of the 1000 iBooks being sold have logic board problems or worse. In other words, $50 for the iBook and another $50 in gas and tolls, for argument's sake, and you're probably already losing money. Any hopes you had of profiting on eBay should have been dashed when you saw that there was a one iBook per person limit - even if you live locally. More after the jump...

And now, of course, we've all drawn so much attention to this event that the residents and taxpayers of Henrico County are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. That's right... they've called an emergency meeting to try to change the terms of the sale of the "I-books" so that only Henrico residents are elligible to purchase them, or at the very least get the right of first refusal on them.

According to a local news station, "it's expected that Henrico supervisors will hold a meeting Wednesday and vote on an emergency ordinance that will allow the county to offer the computers to Henrico residents first." Readers of the Richmond Times-Dispatch have quite a bit to say about this too.

Turns out, the emergency motion was granted ... so now ONLY Henrico County residents can participate in the sale. If I were a resident of Virginia and had a trip planned ... I might consider suing the school district. I would have planned for 4 people to go with me so I could have valuable iBook parts for my repair inventory and eBay sales.

I would really like to see the serial number range of these iBooks posted online. It would be interesting to see how many of the "residents" getting an iBook are actually just gaining power seller status next month on eBay!

Does a woman with 2 month old baby twins in a stroller get three? They are residents of Henrico County, but hardly taxpayers. If one looks at it from a certain perspective - a woman in this situation is actually costing the school district more because she is getting tax credits and maternity leave.

The whole "redecision" oozes "insider" at the school district.

Honestly, I think it should be limited to one per household. A family of four could rake in $2000 (street value) from a $200 investment. The Unofficial Apple Weblog obviously doesn't sell on eBay ... a chop shopped iBook 500 can fetch as high as $900.00 and just outright as high as $550 (as these iBooks are configured).

The Unofficial Apple Weblog also doesn't understand Mac Enthusiasts ... some would go, just to go and have fun ... that's what the majority of people are doing when they attend Apple Store Grand Openings and even Macworld Expos. It's a brotherhood and sisterhood ... not a logical gathering.

And people saying this sale should be exclusive to Henrico residents because of tax - you're fooling yourself - ALL public education is partially funded by national funds and grants. And if it's not at a particular school district - it just means funds were shifted from somewhere else.

And Henrico County ... you have NO TOURISTS? If I visited from South Carolina ... I pay your "taxes" too!

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