Monday, August 01, 2005

MR. DRM meet MR. CPU: A Second Look At Apple's Processor Plans

Many who said that Apple didn't choose INTEL because of the DRM issue - may have been wrong afterall ... this further propogates my theory on control of the processor by Apple and as a means of possibly selling Apple branded Upgrade processors:

From Slashdot:

Apple: Mac OS X Intel Kernel Uses DRM

Monday August 01, @01:07AM

from the folks-are-surprised-about-this-why-exactly? dept.

An anonymous reader submits "Several people have discovered that the new Intel kernel Apple has included with the Developer Kit DVD uses TCPA/TPM DRM. More specifically, it includes "a TCPA/Palladium implementation that uses a Infineon 1.1 chip which will prevent certain parts of the OS from working unless authorized."

One other thought I've had since the Intel announcement that relates loosely to the topic at hand... what if Apple also plans to, even more aggressively, catch PC makers for copycatting Apple hardware design? PC Makers can no longer claim, "The biggest difference is that the Mac runs on PowerPC and the PC in question runs on Intel" Note the following:

Click on the image to read more about this MacMini Clone

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