Monday, August 01, 2005

The Mac Website Equivalent To Crack Cocaine: 2 Guys, A Mac, & A Website

Screenshot of 2 Guys Website - down on August 1 2005

I've been wanting to do a story for some time on another Bill Palmer venture/association: The Two Guys, A Mac, and A Website website.

This is the oddest, most idiotic site I believe I have ever come across. No seriously.

Nonsense sayings, such as "200% more fishsticks" litter the site.

Interestingly, the site was registered by James Monahan ( found by checking the site's whois record ). He pretended to be a Bill Palmer supporter in the forums in this BLOG and often makes comments in the forums on Bill's iPod Garage site - which of course gives the illusion of interest. The site is registered to an address in Ohio, so one can only assume that this James Monahan is the friend Bill speaks of in his latest blog entry.

Here's an interview I found (through Google) at SpyMac:

Around Town: 2 Guys, a Mac, and a Website
10/01/2004 17:00 | Kristie Masuda

2 Guys, a Mac, and a Website (2GAMAAW) is different from other Macintosh sites; it is "not a news site, not really an opinion site," but its informative, nonetheless.

"2GAMAAW is just a fun thing we do in our spare time. The site is hosted off of my Power Mac G4 on a cable connection, and because of that we have a low overhead. It wasn't until recently that we decided to put ads and a store on 2GAMAAW, and that was only in the hopes of making enough money to put the site on a real server. The site has never been about making money, and truth be told, the ads generate barely any revenue at all, so the site is still hosted off my home computer." Ken from 2 Guys, a Mac, and a Website told Spymac. "We are so passionate about the Macintosh [and] are just a group of Mac users who just like helping other Mac users, and promoting the Macintosh. But above all else, we are just a group of Mac users who like having fun. Most of our articles have a light tone to them, and I think I would have a hard time finding very many articles that didn't have at least one joke in them. After all, bad jokes are still jokes, right?"

One way Bill uses his friends at the 2 Guys Website; is to get links on sites that won't advertise his LoadPoad or iPodGarage links - for instance It seems that this site also shares advertisers with Palmer's other sites. There is no way I would want to be associated with a site like this.

And just as a note ... I verified with Charter Cable (not sure which cable company 2 Guys uses) - you are not allowed to host commercial venture websites from cable modems. Chater does not allow BLOGS to exceed 10GB of bandwidth or to run CGI script.

Here is an example of a recent column at 2 Guys - judge for yourself:

During the past year I have been on a secret mission for the 2guys Crew living on the street posing as a homeless man following Cosmic Stan. Stan has led me through many different cities in many different States.

One thing I have found amazing for a homeless person is that Stan always seems to find a way to come in to large sums of money, Almost every day he can be seen using an ATM machine then heading to the local Strip club for hours.

The rest of the story, which I will save you from, is even worse and eventually moves to poorly grammared garble; where words don't even fit next to each other.

The lesson here is: Be careful who you advertise yourself with and be cautious of who your advertisers support. The association may put you in an awkward position.

[UPDATE] The Two Guys website is back up. Picture above is an actual screenshot of the frontapge as it stood for two days. The site itself has not been updated (other than to fix the bug as shown above) for 4 days now.

Of course all of this comes after last week's announcement to make more frequent updates.


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FYT said...

Another example is this:

Apple needs to conform into a company that will listen and respond to business needs. Stop Stop Rob just STOP! Apple hasn’t listen to business needs how do you explain X-Server and the ever growing number of business that is switching to X-Servers Example US ARMY. Now I know what you have to be thinking that Mac’s only can connect to a X-Server but you would be thinking wrong.

Taken from main story posted August 4 2005.