Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jason O Grady: Why he doesn't run YOUR marketing department

I used to love O'Grady's PowerPage. It's where I got my start on the internet with Macs beyond Apple.com and eBay. I loved the people in the forums; they were friendly and very helpful.

Over the years, the PowerPage has gone through many changes. Over the last two years, it's gone completely sour. Jason O'Grady is now an out of touch, insensitive, arrogant prick. He joins the growing list of Dvorak clones that publish articles on their site, just to get hits, rather than come up with original content. He has eliminated forums and comments on his site, mostly due to the number of scathing comments he receives. He is from the same generation of late 20 to early 30 somethings on the internet that think they have a valuable opinion just because they have a successful webpage. (Oh whoops, I fall into that crowd too.)

Here's his latest "O'Grady's Out Of Touch" column:

It's Been 15 Years: Time to Dump the Term "PowerBook"

02 August 2005 07:00 EST
Jason D. O'Grady
From the Opinion Dept.

The venerable PowerBook has been with us since 1991 when Apple released the PowerBook 100...

The article discusses how Apple should drop the name "PowerBook". I love the name. It exudes ... well ... POWER. It states a level above the iBook. The iBook is for people who want a Mac laptop. The PowerBook is for people that want Power!

It was one of the most genius naming schemes Apple has ever come up with and honestly I think separates it from the PC notebook world; by name alone.

Two ironic notes:

Ironic that The PowerPage would want to drop the name PowerBook The site was initially focused on the PowerBook. And the site name implies that.

The PowerBook was introduced in October of 1991 - It is now August 2005. It hasn't even been 14 years yet. Jason obviously needs a remedial math course. But, I've pointed that out previously when he celebrated a 8 year anniversary.


This picture* indicates 9 years (1995-2004) and I pointed this out in 2005 which would have made it a 10 year anniversary; not an 8 year anniversary. [This graphic has changed since my original story, but visit The PowerPage and see if you can still notice a mistake in this same page header. You can also do a google cache of the site to see that the picture above was accurate three months ago.

Remember; FIXYOURTHINKING brought you EXCLUSIVE content - illustrating Jason O Grady and a connection to Nick Ciarelli of Think Secret and how this connection may shed some light on the Apple lawsuit against both Think Secret and O'Grady's PowerPage.

[UPDATE] He may have been right (Apple DID change the name) but that the name PowerBook is still better than MacBook - even though the name MacBook has kinda grown on me.


Anonymous said...

Your the "Drudge" of the Mac World... Keep up the good work.

FYT said...

Thanks for the compliment ... I try to differentiate the news on this site from the typical headline regurgitator.

Anonymous said...

Jack -

You're an arrogant asshole. Why don't you come up with some original content of your own?

FYT said...

Funny ... this is so original I'm the only website that made this into a story ... but it is the murmur of the web

Jason ... stop posting here! LOL