Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Creative CEO; Sim Wong Who Could Sum Up This Mistake With One Word; "Doh!"


As reported by Engadget:

Creative Zens Ship with Worms

" ... about 3700 Creative Zen "Neeons" shipped with a virus. The virus in question was the W32.Wullik.B@mm worm. Creative released a statement today to help consumers pinpoint the possibly effected devices."

First, this press release was only in Japanese - the link above is a translation. Interesting ...

This wasn't played out in the press yesterday as much as I thought it would be ... hence; the reason I didn't report this.

This does have merit to report though - another beautiful facet of the iPod and the Mac [in conjunction with the iPod] is clear. Halo Affect aside - the Macintosh experience is just better with the iPod ... that's why people are ACTUALLY buying more Macs.

The WMA platform is also exposed for the insecure, inferior garbage that it is. In some ways, Apple just received a pat on the back for making their own AAC format and locking out Napster, Sony, and Real.

Personally, I think Sim Wong Who [Creative CEO] is a very dangerous and backhanded person ... he has openly declared war on Apple and regularly makes fun of the iPod.

My little conspiracy theory is that he [or people that assist him] regularly troll the internet, making comments in blogs and forums about how bad the iPod is. It is not beyond this conspiracy to include: He might be behind MANY of the lawsuits brought against the iPod - directed at Apple.

[UPDATE] Creative claims to have a patent on the iPod interface. Why don't they sue then? The reason - drag Apple through as much bad press and PR as possible. And my question is: Why hasn't anyone mentioned that Microsoft patent again?

And while on the topic - I realize Creative doesn't have to make any of it's products Mac Compatible, but has anyone else noticed that ever since the iPod became a phenomenon - there is not a single product made by Creative that is natively Mac compatible?


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