Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Best Price In Town For A Ripoff: Bill Palmer now charges $1000+ an hour for a new LoadPod Service

Bill Palmer only hit the the tip of the iceberg when he called me a depraved lunatic a month back. Because what he forgot to mention was that I am rubber and he is glue, and everyhing he says bounces off me and sticks to you know who.

He has a crazy new service charging $100 (for iPod Minis) and $150 (for regular iPods) where he will send "a LoadPod employee" to your home that will transfer all your iTunes to your new or restored computer.

I'm not quite sure what the difficulty level, that requires an extra $50.00 to transfer 4-6 Gigs of Data vs 20-30 Gigs of Data - maybe 4-6 minutes? The average iPod user has 2000 or less songs on their iPod or computer ... enough to fit the Mini. If their "regular iPod" has the same song count as a Mini - do they get charged the Mini rate? Besides, the Mini has a slower hard drive - it takes slightly longer to transfer 4GB of data on it vs a "regular iPod".

Let's see ... I just wiped my hard disk of the 5486 songs on it. I connected my iPod - in 7 minutes 40 seconds - all my music files were transferred back to my computer. I didn't have to do anything.

If your computer is already authorized for a particular iPod I hardly see what his service is all about. If it is not your iPod and you want the songs onto your computer, and you can't figure out that there are at least 25 programs at retail and available as freeware and shareware; then something is wrong with your head.

To deauthorize a computer, all you have to do is go to the "Advanced" menu in iTunes ... up to 3 computers can be authorized for any iPod. If you can't bring the original computer up to the desktop (Mac or PC) all you have to do is send Apple an email or call 1-800-SOS-APPL and they will reset it and all your downloads for you. The next time you connect to the iTunes Store you will be asked if you want a download of your old purchased library again.

There are also tons of tutorials to be found by searching Google where no software is needed. We are talking less than a 20 minute ordeal - even if you have to download software.

Let's see at 7 minutes 40 seconds that over $1000 an hour!

He's sure to be rich by the time he's 760 years old ... at a fool [cough cough] a customer a month.

From the press release at LoadPod/iPodGarage:

"LoadPod's iPod-to-computer service can also be used by those iPod users who have bought a new computer and don't have an easy method of moving their existing music to their new computer"

That's why the iPod is the number one MP3 player; dumbass - it's so easy; it practically does it by itself.

Also ... theres this disclaimer:

... there are no hidden charges of any kind.

Here's the hidden charge ... you find out you are a completely priceless idiot once you pay for this service.

A lot of details and delusions of Bill were previously covered here.

Lastly, look at this press release written by Bill Palmer that was on iPod Garage (a Bill Palmer site):

"LoadPod invented the iPod loading industry, and as the industry leader, we're proud to be the first and only company to offer this new service nationwide," said Bill Palmer, LoadPod's President and Founder.

I'll bring this up again ... If he invented the iPod Loading Industry - why wasn't he mentioned in the top 10 in the June issue of Popular Mechanics?

You know, I had actually backpedaled about Bill privately to some of my friends. I think LoadPod is a great idea - if offered as part of a business. It's not something to offer as a true "employee" compensation package or as a standalone product. I had thought it was such a good idea I was planning to do a similar offer, but after really looking into it - I saw no money and no potential. I will just do it - if a customer asked me to.

Bill has finally proven to all of us - he's just in it for the money.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand either - why can't you just hook your ipod up - isn't it automatic?

Middle-agedman said...

The sad truth is this: there are several services that businesses charge a lot of money for that ordinary consumers can do for themselves. One fine example of this is CompUSA's "PowerClean" service. For $20 they will "thoroughly clean" your computer by blowing it out with compressed air. Hmmmmm. That's bad enough, but people actually bring their computers TO CompUSA to have it done! That A+ Certification is really coming in handy. There are two fears that prevent these people from doing things themselves:

First of all, many people are intimidated by the idea of doing much of anything for themselves. When these services are offered for a high dollar price, to them it confirms that it must be beyond their abilities. "Why would they charge so much for it if I could do it myself" goes the reasoning.

Secondly, the companies that offer these services hype them up to the point that they instill fear in customers that they "might not do it right" or "might really mess their computer up."

Hucksters like Bill prey upon the uninformed and the technically challenged. One of the biggest technical "challenges" that people face is reading or not reading the instructions. There are many instruction manuals out there that are translated into English by Asians that are not very good at English so what could be a reasonably easy instruction ultimately becomes something confusing. Other instruction manuals are very brief and not very helpful. When something like the Apple iPod is presented to someone, they automatically assume that the instructions will be difficult as well and don't even attempt to do it themselves. As electronics get cheaper and cheaper, support gets worse and worse and people have kind of "had it" with trying to figure it out on their own. This is where Apple should really try to differentiate itself from its competition.

If Bill can get people to bite off on this service, he is ultimately undermining the "user friendliness" feature that Apple has always been famous for with its products. This is damaging to the image of the company that many of us base our livelihoods on and he ought to be ashamed of himself for expoiting the weaknesses of others. Ought to be.

Anonymous said...

i posted 2 comments about his outrageous service when he announced it on his crappy garage site... he promptly deleted both after i tried to tell readers that you can simply go to and search for iPod software that does the ipod-to-computer transfer for free!

so, not only is he trying to swindle the uninformed user, he's censoring his comments so, that those readers stay uninformed... what an A$$

FYT said...

Thanks ... this site gets in to Google searches well before iPodGarage due my site being tied to Google.

[Blogger is owned by Google]

The also strengthens keyword searches.

I hope, that through this site - people will become informed.

My home IP address has been banned from making comments on iPodGarage and MacMischief. I have many locations that I publish this site from and I can mask my IP address anyway - it's always so childish to ban someone's IP - it's much more fun and a lot more telling to publicly ban someone and let them break your rules - constituting harassment - much like Bill Palmer and Jack campbell do here.

I'll help you out. If you can post late at night and the comment stays for more than 4 hours - it will make it into Google cache.