Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Applause Sign Is Blinking (Again)

Back in March of 2005, Jackwhispers brought you an article called: The Applause Sign Is Blinking

This article covered 3 innovative and creative Apple retail ventures that were unique and against the grain of usual copy cats.

Jackwhispers is often criticized as being an overly editorialized and dramatized site that is mostly filled with complaints. Ok, thanks. But from time to time, I have to admit, some things just have to be praised. Here are 3 things in the Apple Community that I feel deserve some applause at the moment:

1) Griffin RadioShark: This product has to be one of the most useful and innovative to come from a third party in years. It is an AM/FM Radio for the Mac and PC that offers recording and live pausing It has especially come in to it's own value with the recent release of new software and Tiger Dashboard Widgets to control it.

2) iPod Baby Clothing I have seen several babies with this clothing on and I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that is capitalizing on it ???

3) Podbrix I mentioned this venture the last go around, but I have to continue the praise for this unique and simplistic approach for an artist to make money in the Apple Retail Universe. A limited edition Woz goes on sale at 3PM EST today.

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