Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wrong About The Right Guy; Write About The Bad Guy: Another Look At The Cherry OS & PearPC After The Intel Deal

I haven't seen any other Mac website bring this topic up ... but has anyone thought about the Cherry OS or PearPC lately?

If readers remember, the Cherry OS was suppose to be an emulator for PCs to run Mac OSX with 75% of the host's CPU speed and full hardware support. Cherry OS FAQ pages indicated that a 3Ghz Pentium would yeild a 2.25Ghz G4 in speed.

While the Cherry OS was outed for their blatant copy of code of PearPC from the Open Source community; it is interesting that these claims are actually possible now that Apple is switching to Intel processors.

I wonder where this leaves Cherry OS and PearPC now? I think it would be interesting to see someone create a Windows emulation that runs on an Intel Mac - yet somehow secure the machine with the underpinnings of OS X on the internet.

Read Jackwhispers previous story on the Cherry OS for more background:

Why The Cherry Or The Pear May Be Apple's Next Lemon

For more perspective on Apple's decison to move to Intel see these BLOG entries:


Anonymous said...

I think WINE will get a lot of attention from Apple (as well as other Open Source Developers) to ensure that Windows programs run from MacOS (intel) without requiring a dual boot. If that happens few people will bother booting into Windows and Jobs will feel much safer about the head-to-head, as will many of the likely switchers.

CherryOS and PearPC will still survive to support those who don't want to buy Apple hardware for whatever reasons.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be more fun to see an Intel Mac running VPC running Cherry OS or PearPC to emulate a Mac running VPC running Cherry OS or PearPC to emulate a infinitum?

Eventually we'd either go down the rabbithole or destroy the universe, I think.

FYT said...

Wasn't there an experiment at Georgia Tech a while back like this?

Mac On Linux Running Virtual PC running Linux Running Mac On Linux Running Virtual PC Windows.