Monday, July 11, 2005

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo - Bill Palmer Writes Another Masterpiece! (This time criticizing a Mac consumer awareness website)


Bill Palmer wrote a personal BLOG entry specifically about me this past weekend. I would say I'm flattered, but it's quite libelous.

First off, he accuses me here of applying for a job with him:

About twelve months ago, an individual named Philip Smith contacted me because he wanted to work for my company, LoadPod. Or, as he put it in an email he sent me on June 30th of 2004, "I have an interest in doing the loadpod service and offering it in my store." Because LoadPod already had sufficient coverage in Mr. Smith's area code, I politely turned him down.

The reality here is, I wanted to see who IS/WAS the local "affiliate for Loadpod" - I never wanted to work for the company. Bill refused to disclose the name of the local affiliate in email, so I tried to set a "dummy service call" to get the name.

My area has a lot of people who claim to be "Apple technicians" ... I wanted to know if the local affiliate for LoadPod was one of these "Apple technicians". I also was interested to see how much business he has done and if he was a guy I could recommend some of my clients to.

I had concerns about the LoadPod service for several reasons:

1) Strangers coming into houses (Many of my clients are female freelance graphic artists)
2) Possible Apple technicians coming into businesses & homes I serve trying to steal business
3) The slight illegality of ripping whatever tunes you wanted to your OWN computer while performing the service
4) The possibility of not ever seeing your iPod or music again.

These were all questions I felt a true need to have answered. Honestly, questions that could only be answered by meeting the local "LoadPod Guy". And yes, there was the possibility of my offering the local affiliate an office within my business, possibly for no charge.

And, if we wanted to get right down to it, I would have been comfortable being the local affiliate. That was, until I started to read about Bill Palmer.

Here are the exact emails I sent to two of the advertisers on Bill Palmer's sites:

To Whom It May Concern,

It is of great concern to me that you have an affiliate program or possibly an advertising contract with Bill Palmer of iPod Garage.

This individual is hurting your image as a reputable company.

I have purposely been steering my customers away from [your site] specifically for this apparent connection.

I plan to do an article on these connections with shady companies soon on my website. Of course anyone who comments can have their site omitted and their comments left private.

Please read this article (below) and respond in kind to this email.

Philip Smith
Editor @ Jackwhispers

I see this no different than sending a letter to or requesting a boycott of Proctor & Gamble - asking them to stop advertising during Desperate Housewives as a concerned consumer.

One of these advertisers has been very dodgy with me and won't say for certain if they pay Bill Palmer for advertising or not.

I assumed, since Jack clarified that he liked Bill Palmer, that he supported him - and that Jack Campbell was a paid advertiser. This supporter alone is telling of the type of person Bill is by accepting money from Jack.

Look, I have no vendetta against Bill ... I want him to be prosperous. This said, Bill has risen to a similar celebrity status in the Mac Universe. I'd imagine some of his audience holds a lot of respect for him as well.

However, with his most recent article - it's easy to see he is not a gentleman, nor a professional. A professional business man or journalist would have contacted me, provided visible contrary proof to my claims, and then asked me to publish it. I would have done so gladly. A professional might have even called me and asked me to drop my axe. Instead, I was critiqued as if on a 1st grade schoolyard.

From the article:

- There's a depraved lunatic slandering me

- what a goofball

And now to address this paragraph:

You see, in an alternate universe that apparently exists only within this guy's head, it turns out my life is quite a bit different that I thought it was. In Mr. Smith's imaginary universe, it turns out that none of the advertisers on any of my websites really exist, I have no income, and perhaps most interestingly, my company LoadPod has no customers and doesn't really exist. Furthermore, all those times I've read articles about LoadPod in the New York Times, or BusinessWeek, or watched news stories about LoadPod on television, none of that really happened. And the quotes about LoadPod from those news sources that are displayed on the LoadPod website? In Mr. Smith's imaginary world, it turns out I made them all up.

Actually, this couldn't be further from the truth. In my examples, I have never mentioned Businessweek or the New York Times. Because THEY HAVE mentioned him and his services. What I pointed out are his references to Fox News & NBC News. If they have said this, they've said it on a local level, not a national level. I have access to both Fox News and NBC transcripts on the national level. Fox News or NBC News have no mention of LoadPod in their archives. Bill Palmer's reference quotes give the illusion that his service has been on something like the Today Show or the O'Reilly Factor.

"LoadPod takes the hassle out of loading CDs"

- NBC News

''LoadPod: it's the easiest thing I ever did!"

- Fox News

I also provided proof - from a June 2005 issue of Popular Mechanics:

Bill has chosen not to respond to this pictoral proof that he's not even in the top ten when it comes to "iPod Loading Services". The picture you see above has the top five services rated and top 10 services listed. Again, this IS a national source for news and a well respected one at that. How can this be a true statement with the Popular Mechanics article?

"After all, every now and then, I have to remind the world that I single-handedly built the iPod loadingindustry from the ground up." ~Bill Palmer on

Do I believe LoadPod makes money? Yes. Do I believe LoadPod has a national network of customers and service providers? Yes.

Finally, this statement:

Right now I'm contemplating my next step, and I'm not entirely sure whether that's going to be hiring a lawyer and getting an injunction against Mr. Smith, or just calling his local police department and filing criminal charges.

Questions to Bill:

First off, what was my criminal act?

Second, what proof has been provided to counter the claims I have made?

Third, are you also going to sue all of the Macrumors and Macbytes forum members for saying the same thing?

Lastly, why do you advertise MacMice and DVForge stuff again?

Bill Palmer holds the word MACS up to a mirror

The reason Bill Palmer resurfaced on my radar again is because a few months back, Jack Campbell was very active - I wanted to see which websites were promoting his products beyond retail. I wanted to see who he had affiliate relationships with. Bill Palmer's website was one of the first I noticed. I started reading some of his writings on his personal BLOG and iPodGarage. Then, I started to read all the comments made about him in the various forums surrounding his "press releases". I wasn't the only one who had noticed the strangeness of his writings or the lack of viable sources. Ends up, his writings (and his crazy claims and made up statistics) are so similar to Jack Campbell that I felt compelled to make note of him on this (my) consumer awareness website.

I would like Bill to point to these posts precisely:

The best part of it all, I think, is how he would post stuff in the comments section of his own site, pretending to be me -- and then he (no longer pretending to be me) would criticize me for posting the comments! It takes a special kind of crazy to come up with stuff like that. Who was this guy, and what did I ever do to him? I didn't know.

This seems identical to a Jack Campbell accusation - and telling again of how irrational a thinker Bill is. As always, no proof of his allegations or assertions can be seen.

Every single word that has ever been written about me by Philip Smith is an out-and-out lie. Every word Philip Smith will ever write about me in the future will also likely be an out-and-out lie.~Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer is a professional. LoadPod is the #1 service in the "iPod Loading Industry". Bill Palmer never makes anything up.

[UPDATE] A reader email indicated another interesting similarity between Jack and Bill ... they both respond to people who comment on their press releases. People who don't know, or don't pick up that they (or people from MacMice, Bill Palmer Inc) are the majority of comments in most stories about them. This gives an illusion to many they have a hot topic.

[UPDATE] Another reader email indicated that I should point out another exaggeration. I cannot vouch personally for the quality or the necessity of the LoadPod service. I can point a small discrepancy in the marketing though:

I just placed a 71 minute CD (Greatest Grammy Moments 2005) into my 24X slot load drive, using a 550Mhz G4 with 1GB of RAM.

The total time to look the CD up in the CDDB, rip the song using import in iTunes, and turn the song into a 192 bit rate file took a grand total of 4 minutes 3 seconds. Not all CDs are this long, sometimes certain CDs will go faster, sometimes slightly slower. The better the processor and better the optical drive - the better the performance as well.

4 minutes average TIMES 50 CDs does not equal 10 hours as the advertisement above indicates - instead it equals 3 hours 20 minutes - throw in 10 minutes for breaks or ejects/inserts - you've got 3 1/2 hours. NOT TEN!

The other thing is, this can all be done in the background while working as well.

[UPDATE] Bill removed his masterpiece from the front page of iPodGarage and placed it into the archives. He deleted any positive comments that were made; keeping only those that agreed with him. Three readers emailed me saying they posted comments there. It appears that one of the critical comments I left in my posts here, is a Bill Palmer Lackey named James Monahan. I deleted a number of comments from the forum here and closed the comments section off. It was apparent that Bill was sending his fold here to post. At the very least, blind followers or simply flamebait trolls were posting here. I had comments ranging from; "You're so lame, get a life!" to "What is your real name, is it Jack Whispers? Why are you hiding ... what are you...a coward?" to one post that accused me of yellow journalism. I left the few insightful critiques, answered them, then closed the forums off for this story. Slashdot has lost a lot of credibility over the last two years because of the refusal to moderate it's discussions - I refused from the beginning to fall into the same trap because of how active people like Jack Campbell and Bill Palmer are on the net.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you both of you guys cut out this juvenile personal crap? Do you think it reflects well on either of you?

If one or both of you are running a shady business, word gets around and you'll suffer for it. Nobody has an obligation to prove themselves innocent by responding to your questions. If you have proof to back up your allegations, that's wonderful, but you can't just spout a bunch of crap and put the obligation on the other party to prove you wrong. This thing about Loadpod and the quotes is a bunch of silly shit. You concede that it was mentioned in Businessweek and the New York Times but you want to make an issue about whether Loadpod was mentioned on "Fox News" or Fox News on a Fox affiliate or on "NBC News" or NBC news. Who gives a crap? Being in Business Week is actually a lot better than a 5 second blurb on a "news" show.

FYT said...

Actually Bill does have an obligation to his readers to tell the truth - the full truth - and nothing but the truth.

I have the same obligation.

My posts are backed up with concrete research.

I agree it's very childish to call anyone names and for that I apologize to Bill. His lack of professionalism in his article though is nothing short of "truthful and telling of his character"

I concede nothing though - I have pictoral proof he's not a player, nor the pioneer - he's simply a no mention.

I'm tired of his advice columns critiquing Apple and actually costing them sales. His reviews, while mostly positive are sometimes damning to the hardware companies he does the reviews for.

And again, my point to a lot of this critique - one of his sponsors is Jack Campbell of MacMice.

A responsibility of this website is to let my readers know more about buying and selling in the Mac community - this article and his article - illustrate that mission.

My readers have sent me emails requesting that I find the avenues of advertisement for MacMice, DVForge, etc. If, after reading my posts, readers are educated - my goal of this site is accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Get a life.

You haven't produced anything but pointless snipes. Even if everything you allege were true, which I doubt more with every day, none of it really reflects that negatively on Bill. He made it *seem* like a quote was from a national newscast when maybe it was from a local one? So f**king what? I've done that and worse on my resume and so has just about everyone else. You trying to blow up little stuff like this into a public smear just reeks of revenge motives. Plus, you claim that you applied for a job with LoadPod for ulterior 'investigative' motives and then like a few paragraphs later you say would have gone ahead and taken the job if it were offered. Is that so? Well, let's just say that credibility isn't exactly oozing from your pores on that one, bud.

I used to read this site and think, man, that Jack Campbell seems like one shady character, but now that your vendetta has metastasised and spread to another personality whose opinion I have always respected (despite the fact that he completely fails to grok the Mac mini), it has become crystal clear that the problem is you. You are no longer a trusted source to me. Now you are the shady character. And I'm beginning to wonder if Jack Campbell might not just be misunderstand businessman trying to do whatever it takes to survive in a tough market...

Basically all of my opinions that have ever been coloured by your site are now suspended pending further consideration and evidence, and that includes Jack Campbell. And oh yeah, I'm not hitting your pages anymore. The end.

FYT said...

Thank you Jack for the above post.

Plus, you claim that you applied for a job with LoadPod for ulterior 'investigative' motives and then like a few paragraphs later you say would have gone ahead and taken the job if it were offered.

That was, of course, until I read more about Bill Palmer and saw that one of his "sponsors" was MacMice.

Do you think my reasons for investigating, as listed, are invalid in respect to my customers who "were interested"?

FYT said...

"I used to read this site and think, man, that Jack Campbell seems like one shady character, but now that your vendetta has metastasised and spread to another personality whose opinion I have always respected..."

Ok, then how do you feel about someone who is sponsored by Jack Campbell and of whom Jack has immense respect for?

Anonymous said...

You are NOT Bernstein NOR Woodward.

Your investigative 'techniques' scream Amateur Hour. Certainly all those who read this spat must consider these the actions of an angry fifteen year old.

YOU sir, are sadly damaging the 'Mac' community with this on-going witch-hunt.

Palmer may have engaged in hyperbole. Campbell may have an unusual (tho' not necessarily illegal) business style. But you have NO right to publicly slander these men. If you actually believe their is wrong-doing, then you should have taken all of your evidence to the proper AUTHORITIES.

It seems that a consensus from the Mac community has been reached - YOU are hurting 'us'!

The very nature of the Mac community promotes the idea of looking out for each other. It may even seem necessary, but only if you are in it.

Those looking at this 'feud' from the 'Windows' world must be in hysterics. Perhaps you should consider shutting down this 'blog' immediately.


FYT said...

"Palmer may have engaged in hyperbole. Campbell may have an unusual (tho' not necessarily illegal) business style."

The Campbell backup statement makes your comment very suspect.

"YOU sir, are sadly damaging the 'Mac' community with this on-going witch-hunt."

"It seems that a consensus from the Mac community has been reached - YOU are hurting 'us'!"

Provide proof please ... especially on the consensus of the Mac community part.

"But you have NO right to publicly slander these men."

I have the right to publish whatever I want ... the subjects of my articles have the responsibility to disprove my assertions and research - either by public statement, court, or media. Bill has chosen to twist words and situations to manipulate some people's opinion who respect him instead of responding directly to anything I have made clam about.

"The very nature of the Mac community promotes the idea of looking out for each other.

I should make that the mission statement of this website, but I still like,

" Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where" ~ Dr. Martin Luther King

Middle-agedman said...

I read Bill Palmer's article on the editor of Jackwhispers this morning. I find it interesting that he mentions more than once that he is going to "say this once and only once" as if that will put an end to any of this. Perhaps in "Bill's Universe" making this kind of statement would end all arguments, resolve all differences, and clear up all misunderstandings, but not in our universe. Jackwhispers is a site that is geared toward actual issues and actual news of interest to Mac consumers. JW often and regularly quotes and links to sources to substantiate the claims it makes. Certainly some of the content is opinion, but so is most of the news and content on the interent. JW is quite different in that it makes a very conscious attempt to back up its claims and if it doesn't do it in the article to someone's satisfaction, will do so in the comments section. When people are critical of an article, JW defends it with sources and facts, not blind rants and threats of litigation to be done "only once."

If Bill Palmer is truly wanting to resolve this, all he has to do is provide credibility to his claims. Show us and the world some sources that we can go to and verify; don't just quote vague references that we cannot. Anyone that claims to be number one at anything has to expect that people are going to want them to prove it, either by providing hard evidence or by accepting challenges. What kind of world allows an alleged number one to simply say, "People are challenging me but I'm simply number one and that's the end of it"???

I will agree with Bill that it is unnecessary to name call when criticizing his actions. That said, such name calling adds color and dimension to a news site. What would
Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly be like to listen to without their harsh comments about those whom they criticize?

If you're going to throw down, Bill, then throw down. But before you do it with an attourney and waste a lot of time and money, try doing it with documentation and facts instead of with long-winded narration. You have the right to make all the claims that you like. You have the right to have a website and a blog designed to house advertisers and advertise your products so that you can make money from it. You don't have the right to claim to be a news site and recycle old news and simply host your own from-the-hip opinions and expect not to be challenged for it. I have read your site and found very little on it that I can construe as being helpful. The advertisers that you host are clearly not chosen for their applicability to my needs, but rather for their sponsorship to make you money. That is not true of the advertisers on JW. I find most of them compelling and well-chosen and I also find it humorous and interesting that he has made an effort to tie them in with the "Jack" theme.

As JW states in his article, he would like to see Bill and Jack be prosperous and successful. This can only happen as both of them look out for the Mac community and offer products and services that result in the good of said community. If they can both do that, I think that all of us can support them and their businesses but both of them seem more concerned that all of us just pay them their money and shut up. That's not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

You are NOT Bernstein NOR Woodward.

No, Jackwhispers has much higher standards . . .

Anonymous said...

If you actually believe their is wrong-doing, then you should have taken all of your evidence to the proper AUTHORITIES.

who says he hasn't and just wants this as a diary of evidence for the "AUTHORITIES" to follow up on?

Anonymous said...

Bill Palmer is a pompous moron. You've already wasted to much time to this clown.

FYT said...

Note: there have been several plants from "Jack, Bill, or Groupies of the two" that just make wild accusations or silly comments.

Please read the forum rules, before posting these comments.

Bill has placed this article on to the iPodGarage website to get it more attention.

I'm happy people are starting to see the issues I have raised here.

If this whole ordeal was a fervent, but false quest - why have I not met a kind man who wants the world to know he is innocent. I have only met lies, blatantly melodramitic story manipulation, and an entourage of groupies or silly name calling posts. And whatta you know - it's a pattern - just like all the other subjects of the editorials here.

Anonymous said...

[Provide proof please ... especially on the consensus of the Mac community part.]

Okay, that was conjecture - just like your 'proof' is.

[I have the right to publish whatever I want ...]

And your victims have the right to sue for libel. You do have the right to make slanderous comments in a private conversation - this is a public setting.

And further, will the commenter of the 6:40pm posting -on this thread- please re-post. It appears that JW has resorted to deleting posts. Is it coincidental that it was contradictory to the JW spin?

Perhaps others would like to read and respond to the post were the 6:40 poster claims this is nothing more than yellow journalism.

Anyway, maybe reports of shady practices coming from MacAddict or Macworld - you know, reputable journalists, rather than some 'blogger' with an axe to grind would withstand the scrutiny of those who smell vendetta in your ink.


FYT said...

Okay, that was conjecture - just like your 'proof' is.

Sorry, if you can't see that the snapshot of Popular Mechanics and the non searchable term LoadPod in the Fox News and NBC News database is not solid proof - then you're either being hard headed or blatantly obtuse.

I updated the article slightly, so look back on the main page - it has even more proof of exaggeration.

And your victims have the right to sue for libel. You do have the right to make slanderous comments in a private conversation - this is a public setting.

Yes, if the "victim" can prove that I made the comments maliciously - then you are correct. However, I don't see Wigand being sued for the expose of the tobacco industry! Also, Bill would have to prove that I propogated this opinion and that no one else has said this. After all, in most ways, I am just regurgitating what my readers want and what dozens, if not hundeds, of other forums say about him.

It appears that JW has resorted to deleting posts.

Yes, I did delete them - yours was close to being deleted as well as you broke rule #1 of posting here.

Unlike other forums on the net, I moderate trolls out.

Anonymous said...

[1) If you disagree with me - fine - if I disagree with you - I may delete your comment.]


[I don't disagree with all criticism. In fact, I welcome it. Often critics will just strengthen my point of view.]

Allows me to rant further.

[If your post is slanderous of the editor it will be deleted.

Slander is my perview.

[If your comment or critique of the editor is valid - it will be responded to.]

Allows me to rant further.

[If you don't like this rule and debate that its censorship - do not post - simply, enjoy reading.]

Later. This is your channel after all, Rupert!

FYT said...

Thanks, I appreciate being compared to the best news channel - even in witty critique.