Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kill Bill Pt III: The True Story Behind Bill Palmer & LoadPod


For all those interested ...

I have posted a feature story on FIXYOURTHINKING titled:

Kill Bill Pt III: The True Story Of Bill Palmer & LoadPod

Why that title?

I thought it fit in with Catch Me If You can Pt II: The True Story Behind Macmice

There are a number similarities and links between Jack Campbell and Bill Palmer.

For those that emailed me requesting a link to my article ... this is it!

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Thank you for all the pats on the back I received from readers yesterday. I was particularly lifted by [people who have known Bill] congratulating me for the story and sending encouraging words concerning the deceitful, misleading, vitriolic rant Bill wrote about me.

[UPDATE] It has been very interesting to see the people attracted to this story. It is very fitting of Bill's title to his article. Now, apparently I have several depraved lunatics trolling this site - posting in my forums with foul language and off topic rants about censorship. Unlike any other article I have written here; have I run into a more hateful crowd, or is it JUST Bill?


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out that, if you did any actual research, you would've found these:

NBC 5 Dallas:LoadPod Fills Up Your iPod:
Dallas Company Takes Hassle Out Of Loading CDs

Fox Chicago:Load Your iPod

Both of these were found in 5 minutes using Google.

FYT said...

These are NOT national affiliates, and yes I have seen those and the Orlando TV interviews.

If you had actually read MY article you would have seen I said the way it WORDED on the site - it does not appear like LOCAL affiliates.

You're post smells troll to me.

Anonymous said...

No troll intended. (Although, reading it again, I did word it in a rather confrontational way, and for that I apologize.) You just didn't mention that you had seen either of these.

And as far as the sources being local or national, I think you are nitpicking. Yes, it's unclear, but it's no different than the glowing quotes that appear in movie ads. Yes, they're taken out of context, but anyone who really cares will find the original source.

As for the rest of your claims, well, I won't dispute them, because I don't have dealings with MacMice, and I don't read Mr. Palmer's sites very often. (I only found this saga through MacSurfer.) So really, all this holds very little interest for me.

FYT said...

It's not nitpicking - it illustrates a pattern -

- it doesn't take 10 hours to "LoadPod"
- LoadPod is NOT the pioneer nor #1 (not even in the top 10)
- I bet NBC Dallas doesn't like that they aren't mentioned by name - and that is STILL NOT NBC News

So, in your "out of context/generalization" world, I could also take a quote from this article, make it general and apply it to my story here:

"Now a Dallas-based company is taking advantage of the iPod explosion."

He's taking advantage of us?

He sure is - by claiming it takes 30 hours to perform this, by trying to convince people that this service is really necessary, and by claiming he's # 1 in anything.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly entertaining + insightful commentary, had me laughing for 30 minutes when i read it. this guy is a liar and a flake. "retarded delusional" is the nickname of the decade, and so fitting.

Anonymous said...

btw keep up the outstanding work.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bill has a case in defamation.

FYT said...

I wonder if Bill has a case in defamation.

He'd have to prove that my intent was malicious and he would also have to prove that his artcle is NOT defaming or malicious and vengeful in nature;

"There's a depraved lunatic stalking me and it's time for it to end" where he calls me a liar, says I applied for EMPLOYMENT under false pretenses, and calls me by name (eventhough I am not quite the public figure he is on the internet).

He would also have to prove that said defamation was sourced from me. (That I started it all) I have seen multiple forums discussing Bill Palmer (iPodLounge, MacBytes, Macrumors, etc) calling him far worse and accusing him of much worse than my article did.

Further, I most likely DO HAVE a case of defamation AGAINST Bill - after all I have undeniable PROOF he purposely misleads customers about LoadPod:

- NBC News affiliates portrayed as National News

- Fox News affiliates portrayed as National News

- Claims of #1 or pioneer - yet I have visual proof to the contrary

- False claims of time saved using LoadPod service ( it takes 3 1/2 hours not 10 )

- Made up editorial content concerning sales figures of Apple that could hurt or interfere with sales.

- No denial of advertising with DVForge and claiming to his advertisers that I don't have the right to contact them

Look, Bill had an easy professional way to handle this. He could have just called me or emailed me a nice letter asking why I posted this, gave me proof of my claims to the contrary; and asked me to publish them. My site is about finding people like Bill. His site is not about rooting out or even discussing business ethic in the Mac Community - in other words - I was just following theme - he went out of his way to make sure his off topic comment was read by the following he has.