Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Apple Employee Discount Program???

I'm sure all of you have seen the TV commercials for the GM Employee Discount Program ... it's done well and given GM a 15%+ boost in sales. Looks like Dodge & Ford are jumping on the bandwagon.

So are a number of other companies ... and I'm glad one of them is NOT Apple.

Are Macs more expensive? Yes.

Are Apple computers priced at a premium? Yes.

Does Apple need to stay in line with the competition? Yes.

But the answer is also, "Yes" to Apple needing as high a margin as possible at this critical time in their history. And why discount Macs at all, when sales are strong? So strong; that sales are growing at a 25-55% rate for Macs and 200% - 600% for iPods.

Yesterday's 3rd quarter 2005 profits blew any naysayers forecasts out of the water for lackluster or lower than expected iPod & Mac sales.

Apple doesn't need an employee discount - lower prices on Macs can be found if you just know where to look.

I'm also glad Apple doesn't participate in gimmicky rebates either.

It's also noteworthy - that GM announced a TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND employee layoff just before this promotion. Apple is still hiring!



Anonymous said...

"Apple doesn't participate in gimmicky rebates..."

not quite true -- Current promotion at the Apple Store:
"College students, buy a Mac and get a free iPod mini. Save up to $479*"

The asterisk and "up to" text denotes that there is some slight of hand occurring. The slights of hand is conflating the educational discount you get (which fortunately applied before purchase), with the $180 iPod rebate (yes, rebate as in sending out this form to Apple, and waiting 6 to 8 weeks). Plus the rebate doesn't apply to the Mac Mini or the cheapest iBook. ($900 after student discount).

This isn't the first time they've ran a rebate (I remember the Mac-printer rebate combo), but this is the one that is currently being offered.

FYT said...

I don't really consider this to be gimmicky - but thanks for pointing that out.

I've rarely seen them do rebates at retail - other than say rebates for printers.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so where do you look to find at least a 15% discount?

FYT said...

I use mypoints, pay with paypal, and that debits from my checking. This 3 way discount nets me about 7%.

Tiffany Womack said...

Not sure where you all have been, but Apple employees do get discounted products. They work hard and Apple is a great company that knows how to take care of its family. All the Apple employees got free iPhones when they first launched.

FYT said...

Yes... I realize Apple offers employees discounts ... This article was saying that I was glad Apple doesn't offer gimmicky sales like employee discount prices to the public.