Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Truth Is Finally Known


Congratulations to Mac Daily News for publishing this article about how recent statistics show an actual Apple Computer Install base of 16%.

I would slightly disagree with the 16% - my own gut feeling is that it is somewhere around 12% - 13%.

Many people confuse install base with quarterly marketshare.

Apple quarterly marketshare (= to # of computers sold in a quarter vs all computers sold) hovers around 4% - it has been very encouraging to see this number slowly creep up since the the introduction of the iPod, iMac, iBook, and now the Mac Mini.

What most "analysts" don't see is that the average PC is in use for an average of 3 years due to quality, obsolescence, or satisfaction. However; Macs are in use on an average of 7 years.

With more and more people looking to get out of virus oblivion - there are big things ahead for Apple.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, this is likely not the truth, as far as any currently known definition of true.

The quote from MDN reads as thus...

Further, Macintosh software comprises over 18% of all software sold, according to the Software and Information Industry Association. In addition, the Software Publishers Association (SPA) estimates that 16 percent of computer users are on Macs.

Problem is, SPA stopped existing as a seperate entity in 1999. (They merged with the SIIA mentioned above). Generally in a press release, companies that are mentioned will make sure their name is right. If this was up to date, they would note both quotes came from SIIA. This leads me to think that Apple's install base may have been 16% in 1999, six years ago.

That original press release looks all sorts of fishy in attribution of numbers.

FYT said...

I would disagree that the software statistic skews the data - Apple people are MORE honest!

I can personally vouch (because of my consulting business) that more people buy Apple software than PC. For instance, more copies of Photoshop are licensed within a business for Macs than they are individually licensed for PCs. Same with Microsoft Office. Same with OSX vs Windows.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Jackwhispers --

It's pretty much the only reason the iPod/iTunes Music Store has been such a success. A disporportionate number of Apple Computer owners vs PC owners have iPods. The iTunes Music store has a VERY high percentage of Apple Computer owners downloading songs. This tells me too that Apple owners are generally more honest.

I would also add that Apple owners are generally forced to buy actual licensed software due to availability.

A lot of people steal, buy second hand, or copy Windows software.

FYT said...

"This leads me to think that Apple's install base may have been 16% in 1999, six years ago."

Macs are selling at a rate of 124,000 MORE units PER QUARTER than they were in 1999!

And, I'll go back to my original statement:

If the stats were right - even in 1999 - this means those people that bought Macs in 1999 STILL HAVE THEM and still use them.... I know of VERY few if any people that still use PCs from 1999!

Again MARKETSHARE is NOT install base!