Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Top 100 Movies Of All Time


I hate movie Top 100 lists. They seem influenced by politics, conformity, and by pay off. (Most Top Whatever lists are this way).

One mistake that most Top lists make is ranking items in order. The following list is a list of movies that are all classics. Of course there are some that I rank higher than others, but there is no particular order. In this list # 100 is as good as #1.

You'll notice that there are actually more than 100 movies in the top 100 list seen here. That's because - for the most part - I consider a trilogy of movies - one story - and therefore one long movie - broken into multiple parts. I have noted where this is not true.

There is absolutely no question that the following movies are the top 100; eventhough it's obvious I like science fiction.

There are some honorable mentions that I will add to this list later. These were movies that most people (including me) liked but I just don't feel are classics.

I think a Top 100 Movie is a movie you could watch over and over again and never get tired of it. It's a movie, that if you saw that it was coming on TV, and eventhough you own on DVD, would sit down and watch it.

In the case of some of these movies, such as Star Wars and Legend with Tom Cruise - the TV versions are DIFFERENT than the DVD or VHS versions.

If you'll notice, Breakfast At Tiffany's and It's A Wonderful Life aren't in the list - it's because those are movies that critics that typically make Top 100 Movie lists are expected to include. Whether you like them or not (which I consider them ok movies) - they aren't that great of a movie. Most people just put some movies in their top 100 because of childhood memories, family traditions, or because they are expected to. Some movies, such as A Christmas Story have classic elements, but just don't make the Top 100. And then there's movies like Teen Wolf with Micheal J. Fox, that I would actually watch over and over, but it's not a classic.

If you think there's a movie missing, please feel free to post it to the comments, there a few movies that I might consider bumping out of the top 100.

1. Star Wars (portions written on a PowerBook Duo)

2. Spider-Man (#1)

3. The Lord of the Rings

4. The Passion of The Christ

5. Jurassic Park (starring a Quadra 800)

6. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump buys Apple stock)

7. The Lion King

8. Harry Potter

9. Independence Day (starring a PowerBook 3400)

10. Cat's Eye

11. The Matrix (starring an Apple Newton PDA Keyboard)

12. Meet the Parents / Meet The Fockers (starring an iBook & iMac G4's)

13. The Fly (Jeff Goldblum)

14. Monsters, Inc.

15. Batman (Features Twentieth Anniversay Mac)

16. Men in Black

17. Toy Story

18. The Breakfast Club

19. Ace Ventura

20. Weird Science

21. Ghostbusters

22. Beverly Hills Cop II

23. Cast Away

24. They Live (one of the best, but most overlooked scifi movies EVER)

25. Memoirs Of The Invisible Man (Chevy Chase)

26. Mrs. Doubtfire

27. Ghost

28. The Chronicles Of Narnia

29. Mission: Impossible (starring a PowerBook 3400)

30. X-Men (XMen 3 features Dell Computers - Dell sponsored the movie for product placement whereas Apple Computers are usually used "defacto" in most movies)

31. Austin Powers (starring a PowerBook G4)

32. Back to the Future (starring a Mac Plus)

33. Terminator

34. The Mummy

35. Gone With the Wind (digitally restored using Macs)

36. Indiana Jones

37. Gladiator

38. Fletch / Fletch Lives

39. Ocean's Eleven

40. Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston)

41. The Mask (Jim Carrey)

42. Night At The Museum

43. Top Gun

44. There's Something About Mary

45. Rain Man

46. Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

47. Chicago

48. Catch Me If You Can

49. The Illusionist (2006)

50. The Sound of Music

51. Gremlins

52. Scent Of A Woman

53. I, Robot

54. National Lampoon's Animal House

55. A Few Good Men

56. Rush Hour

57. Forbidden Planet

58. Shawshank Redemption (written by Stephen King on a Mac)

59. The Village

60. Unbreakable

61. Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind

62. Shattered Glass

63. Excalibur

64. Legend

65. Interview With The Vampire

66. The Quick & The Dead

67. Airplane

68. Twilight Zone: The Movie

69. Gattaca

70. Monty Python And The Holy Grail

71. Minority Report

72. Clash Of The Titans

73. The Wizard Of Oz

74. Robocop (Just #1)

75. Amadeus

76. Silver Bullet

77. The Black Hole

78. Cube & Cube II: Hypercube

79. Blade (1st movie) (All three movies feature Apple computers)

80. Freeway (starring Reese Witherspoon)

81. The Little Mermaid (Disney 1989)

82. The Princess Bride

83. Poltergeist (1st movie)

84. Edward Scissorhands

85. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (With Gene Wilder)

86. Superman & Superman II (with Christopher Reeve) + 2006 SuperMan Returns

87. Beetlejuice

88. Phantom Of The Opera (2005)

89. Office Space (feature the Mac OS & Apple keyboards)

90. Devil's Advocate

91. 2001 & 2010

92. Total Recall

93. The Lawnmower Man

94. Dark City

95. It

96. Storm Of The Century

97. The Game (Micheal Douglas - features Mac Monitors)

98. Cloverfield (aka 1-18-08)

99. The 300 (2007)

100. American Beauty

101. Contact (one of the only technologically themed movies I have scene that didn't feature a single Mac) This was due to a dispute between Apple and Contact writer/astonomist Carl Sagan



Jack Campbell said...

Yet, again, I cringe...

You list is an overlay for my own list.

Go figure. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Middle-agedman said...

I agree with Ferris Buellers Day Off.

Surely you can't omit the "Evil Dead" trilogy. That's at least a cult classic.

"Its a Wonderful Life" may not be one that you personally enjoy, but its in every other top 100 list because it is most definitely a classic.

I definitely agree with "They Live." To all that have not seen this yet, go out and rent it RIGHT NOW.

"Weird Science," "Harry Potter," "Gremlins", are a few that I think merit seeing from time to time but would hesitate to term classics.

There are several on this list that I have not seen that I am going to make a point to see and I think I am going to work on my own list. This is an interesting and worthwhile project.

joecab said...

I'm glad to see the Little Mermaid in there -- it's the best, and it started up Disney's animation renaissance in 1989. I would also add The Incredibles to the list. I'm not surprised that Star Wars 406 are lumped together, but technically it's Empire Strikes Back that is probably the best of all time. Interesting how much of this list reflects nostalgia: how many of your favorite movies as a kid would have a chance nowadays?